What Stormfront Really Said At The End Of The Boys Season 2

On The Boys season 2 finale, Stormfront learns a very important lesson: Never attempt to kill a junior Supe’s mom right in front of them.

After receiving a beating from Kimiko, Starlight, and Queen Maeve, Stormfront flies off to stop Becca and Butcher from taking Ryan to safety. Unfortunately for Stormfront, seeing someone choking his mom is enough to trigger Ryan’s powers, and he uses his heat vision to blast off her limbs, leaving her seemingly near death and babbling in German.

Given what fans know about Stormfront, it would seem safe to assume she was spouting Nazi rhetoric. But thanks to Reddit user u/Raidoton, Stormfront’s final words (for season 2 at least — Homelander insists she’s still alive in an undisclosed location) have been revealed to be surprisingly human.

According to u/Raidoton, Stormfront says this at the end of The Boys season 2 finale:

Her words translate to English as, "It was so beautiful. How the three of us sat there, in the shade of an apple tree. Do you remember the day, Frederick? Chloe had her arms stretched out of the car window. We found the perfect spot by the river, in the shade of an apple tree. It was the first time Chloe ate fresh apples."

In English, that means, "… was so happy. It was wonderful. I never wanted it to end."

It would appear that in wha…

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