Stacy’s offseason profiles: OG Damien Lewis

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  1. First Modern Sports Bra Turns 40 : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Here’s a more intimate milestone in women’s sports: In 1977, three women sewed two jockstraps together, and the first modern sports bra was born.


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  2. The i9 Sports Experience

    To achieve our mission of helping kids succeed in life through sports, i9 Sports believes the value we provide must go far beyond the sport itself. We focus on how the game is played, how much fun we can make it for the kids, and how easy we can make it for the parents. It’s what we call The i9 Sports Experience®.

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  3. Elite Sport, Sports Coaching, Sports Psychology | Sports Coach Radio

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  4. Future History of Sports Talk Radio Chapter 1: Beginning of Sports Talk Radio

    Kelly Kirch and Rick Scott joins Rob Kerr for chapter one of Future History of Sports Talk Radio to discuss the beginnings of "Sports Talk" radio. Scott on the difficulties of building a brand and finding talent who can talk sports while being entertaining as well. Kirch touches on the beginning of Sports Talk radio in Canada.

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  5. Chess Boxing And Other ‘Sports From Hell’

    In his long career as a sports columnist, Rick Reilly has covered the biggest games, including the Super Bowl, World Series and the Masters. But for his new book, Sports from Hell, Reilly sought out the championships of decidedly less conventional sports, such as chess boxing and rock, paper, scissors.

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  6. Why Some Sports Teams Don’t Play To Win : NPR

    Commentator Mike Pesca talks about the strategy behind some pro sports franchises that go through "rebuilding" seasons of frequent losing, and the pitfalls for fans.

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  7. When the sports field becomes a political battlefield | One Year Later | KCRW

    Race and sports have always been intertwined in America — but under Trump, they are inseparable in a new way. Why does the president repeatedly single out sports figures of color for criticism?

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  8. Future History of Sports Talk Radio Chapter 4: Local Sports Radio vs. National Sports radio

    Chapter 4 of the Future History of Sports Talk Radio focuses on the biggest differences between local sports radio and national sports radio. The roundtable discuss these type of radio focuses on and how talent can be a big factor for viewers.

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  9. Sky Sports | Media | Podcast | World Cup Podcast

    Sky sports offers the best sports coverage from around the world. Comprehensive team news, fixtures, live scores, results, stats, video, photos and features from football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, motor sports, boxing and more.,20494,30885,00.html

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  10. Michael McCann on KJR Seattle, 3-12-14

    The and NBA TV legal analyst joined Softy after chatting with Adam Silver (the NBA Commissioner) about Seattle, expansion, and more

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