The Phileas Club 111 – Special: Libertarianism

That was such a great discussion. Brian does a great job of presenting the Libertarian position. I still consider myself mostly a Conservative but with Libertarian leanings.

The diamond of political views that Brian described is the Political Compass. Anyone can see where they fall by going here:

I tend to move around a but always fall somewhere in the lower right quadrant.

And just to point out, no one is completely anything. “People should let the Government build something if it is for the greater good; no one should stand in the way of Progress.” Many people who would be perfectly willing to allow the Government to tear down a house were the same people who went out and protested the Keystone XL Pipeline because they felt Native American Heritage was more important. It all depends on the situation. We all have to compromise now and then.

Also, I found Patrick’s argument that Government isn’t about Force (and Guns) to a European fascinating.