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  1. The Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics : Guardians of the Galaxy Review | Comic Book Podcast Issue #145 | Talking Comics

    Guardians of the Galaxy came out over the weekend and it’s the movie that pretty much everybody is talking about right now, including your podcast hosts. This show is dedicated to exactly that: talking about Guardians of the Galaxy and giving our opinions on what worked in the film and what didn’t in two parts: non-spoilery talk and spoilery talk (don’t worry, we’ll make sure to give you lots of notice if you haven’t seen the film yet).

    Lightning Round: Outcast, All-New Ghost Rider, I Love Trouble, The Wake, Last Broadcast, Red Sonja, Harley Quinn, Avengers, Hawkeye, Low, Justice League.

    Books of the Week: The Thing: Freakshow, Last Days of an Immortal, High Crimes, Doc Savage #8, Adventures of Superman #15, Bodies, Guardians of the Galaxy.

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