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  1. 047: with Tim Smith - ShopTalk

    047: with Tim Smith

    December 19th, 2012     66:26

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    This week we were joined by Tim Smith, a designer doing both freelance work and in-house design work as well as soon-to-be magazine publisher. This is a crossover episode, as both Dave and Chris have been on Tim’s excellent podcast The East Wing. We talk about (roughly in order):


    Brian Franco’s book An Illustrated Guide to Front-End Development

    Sam Stephenson: You Are Not Your Code (relevant to last show’s talk about Prototype)

    Responsive URL’s (a joke, folks)

    Andy Clarke and Jen Simmons on The Web Ahead talking weblebrities at conferences.

    Q & A

    Should browsers natively support CSS preprocessor syntax?

    Websites are getting fat. What can we do?

    Is there tech we can use to help with HIPAA compliance?

    Should there / can there be print buttons on mobile websites?

    How does Tim keep on keeping on?


    Mijingo – Educational screencasts for web developers. Use coupon HOTDRAMA to get both the Jekyll and Markdown screencasts for only $15

    Environments for Humans – Both Dave and Chris will be at the 2013 InControl conference in Orlando, Florida in February. Use coupon SHOPTALK for $100 off.

    More Tim

    @timothybsmith @ttimsmith

    Make Awesome (being renamed?!)

    047 with Tim Smith [ 1:06:26 ] Download

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  2. Over the Monster - Season Review

    An analytical look at the Boston Red Sox with Marc Normandin and Matt Kory of Over The Monster. Best mixes on planet Earth. DJs, radio, performing artists, educators, and more. Get a free podcast, share your faves. Only on PodOmatic." name="DESCRIPTION

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  3. Top 10 Red Sox Prospects

    In this episode, Matt Kory and Marc Normandin look at the recent top 10 Red Sox prospects list published by Baseball Prospectus. We examine the prospects on the list, compare it to other lists, and discuss the state of the Sox system in general. It’s a prospect-heavy 72nd Episode of The Over The Monster Podcast" name="DESCRIPTION

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  4. Laura Ingraham: Free Stuff

    Code Red Rally Laura Ingraham The Home Page for political commentator and talk show host Laura Ingraham. A new breed of talk show, for a new breed of listener.

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  5. Click here to play this audio clip

    Listen to our award-winning legal news and practice area podcasts related to corporate and securities law.

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