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  1. Episode 001 – Welcome to Stratechery.FM | Stratechery

    Episode 001: “Welcome to Stratechery.FM”

    Hosts: Jon Nathanson, Ben Thompson

    Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes

    0:00:00 Introduction

    00:03:00 The Future of Journalism

    Welcome to Stratechery 2.0

    FiveThirty Eight and the End of Average

    Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism

    00:28:00 The Superfan Economy (in Writing, TV, Music)

    This is Hardcore: How Superfans Drive the Entertainment Business

    00:35:00 Why Movies (and some TV) Are Different from Other Content Types

    Why Hollywood Resists Disruption: It doesn’t fight off invaders. It sits down and does business with them.

    The Cord-Cutting Fantasy

    Why TV Has Resisted Disruption

    The Jobs TV Does

    00:48:15 Google Fiber

    Google’s New Business Model

    – - On Google’s Future Part 1

    00:55:23 Dropbox

    The Heart of Dropbox

    The Dropbox Opportunity

    Battle fo the the Box

    01:22:07 What Wall Street Values in Tech Companies (And What it Expects)

    Apple the Black Swan

    You can leave comments on this episode at our website.

    Follow the show on Twitter @stratecheryfm.

    Host: Ben Thompson (@monkbent)

    Host and Producer: Jon Nathanson (@jonnathanson)

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  2. LTC: Episode 007 – Nathan Edmondson | Let’s Talk Comics

    Nathan Edmondson is going to be a creator to watch in 2014. He’s quietly building one of the most impressive portfolios for someone who is still relatively new in the industry. In this episode, we cover everything from ‘Olympus’ to ‘Who Is Jake Ellis’ to ‘Grifter’ and we get the inside track on his two new books at Marvel – ‘Black Widow’ & ‘The Punisher.’

    Nathan’s road to success is definitely an interesting one. His life before comics very clearly bleeds into his current work and after hearing his influences, it makes me want to dig back into his older work once more. Hearing about the on location research he got to accomplish while working on ‘The Activity’ is just one of the great stories Nathan shares with us this week.

    So I hope you enjoy this last show of 2013!


    You can find Nathan at the following places on the Internet:



    His website:


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