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  1. Robots From Tomorrow – Episode 265: Greg Rucka, Part 1 [Podcast] – Multiversity Comics

    Our twice-weekly podcast about comics and the women & men who create them!

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  2. The Comic Book Podcast | Talking Comics : Batgirl Redesign, Catwoman, and the New Thor | Comic Book Podcast Issue #142 | Talking Comics

    What a week for comics. Batgirl gets redesign and a new creative team in Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr, Catwoman has a new team in novelist/journalist Genevieve Valentine and Five Ghosts artist Garry Brown and Marvel Comics announced that there will be a female character taking up the mantle of Thor. We talk about all this with special guest host Katy Rex of!We also talk books of the week which include Batman: The Black Mirror, Grayson #1, Daredevil #5, Life After #1, Spider-Man 2099 #1, Batgirl #33, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Spread #1, and much more!

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  3. Backroom Podcast Episode 148 - Past, Present, and Future | The Backroom

    The Backroom Comics team is joined by Molly McIsaac for a discussion about the ECCC media guests, Skyrim, and Marvel’s 2011 film lineup.

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  4. Major Spoilers Podcast #326: Captain America Reviewed | Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

    In this issue: A special guest drops by and joins Stephen and Rodrigo in their discussion of the new Captain America movie.

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