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  1. #64 Jared Sinclair | Release Notes

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    You probably know Jared Sinclair from his app Unread and his recent tell-all financial post that’s been making waves in the iOS development community this past week. Today Jared joins us to explain why exactly he shared Unread’s financial results, his reaction to the feedback he’s received since sharing his sales figures, his thoughts on what went wrong with Unread, and his plans for what comes next.

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    Show Notes & Links

    Unread – An RSS Reader – Jared Sinclair’s RSS app

    A Candid Look at Unread’s First Year by Jared Sinclair – Jared’s post that started the conversation

    Who at the Table is an Indie iOS Developer? by Brent Simmons

    Papering Over App Store Problems by Ben Thompson of Stratechery

    App Rot by Marco Arment – in which Marco advocates getting rid of "top lists" in the App Store

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