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  1. Episode 339:  HeroesCon 2014 Warp Up Part 4

    Finally, we have said all there is to say about HeroesCon…unless, of course, you have something to say too.  If you do then drop us a line and maybe we’ll throw together a part five, or maybe, a HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up wrap up?  Anyway, here’s Adam, Micah, and Shawn.Runtime 55 minutes 52 secondsEpisode 339:  HeroesCon 2014 Warp Up Part 4

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  2. Episode 338:  HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 3

    This week we wrap up out HeroesCon 2014 discussion with Josh.  But first, Adam and Shawn discuss their trip to Chapel Hill Comics for the Greatest Signing of All Time (Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli, Chris Pitzer) to celebrate the retirement of comic shop owner, Andrew Neal.Featured image:  Van Der Villain CosplayRuntime 49 minutes 45 secondsEpisode 338:  HeroesCon 2014 Wrap Up Part 3

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  3. Episode 335:  Pre HeroesCon 2014

    This week Adam, Josh, and Shawn get together to talk about what they look forward to at HeroesCon 2014.  Topics include:  Friday Night Drink and Draw, Saturday Art Auction, Adam and Shawn moderating panels, the Mega Panel covering Comics Regulation, Comics Censorship: Past and Present, and lots of great comic creators!Runtime 1 hour minutes secondsEpisode 335:  Pre HeroesCon 2014

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