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  1. 047: with Tim Smith - ShopTalk

    047: with Tim Smith

    December 19th, 2012     66:26

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    This week we were joined by Tim Smith, a designer doing both freelance work and in-house design work as well as soon-to-be magazine publisher. This is a crossover episode, as both Dave and Chris have been on Tim’s excellent podcast The East Wing. We talk about (roughly in order):


    Brian Franco’s book An Illustrated Guide to Front-End Development

    Sam Stephenson: You Are Not Your Code (relevant to last show’s talk about Prototype)

    Responsive URL’s (a joke, folks)

    Andy Clarke and Jen Simmons on The Web Ahead talking weblebrities at conferences.

    Q & A

    Should browsers natively support CSS preprocessor syntax?

    Websites are getting fat. What can we do?

    Is there tech we can use to help with HIPAA compliance?

    Should there / can there be print buttons on mobile websites?

    How does Tim keep on keeping on?


    Mijingo – Educational screencasts for web developers. Use coupon HOTDRAMA to get both the Jekyll and Markdown screencasts for only $15

    Environments for Humans – Both Dave and Chris will be at the 2013 InControl conference in Orlando, Florida in February. Use coupon SHOPTALK for $100 off.

    More Tim

    @timothybsmith @ttimsmith

    Make Awesome (being renamed?!)

    047 with Tim Smith [ 1:06:26 ] Download

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