The Indoor Kids #10: Aisha Tyler

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  1. The Indoor Kids #186: Age of Angelo with David Angelo « Nerdist

    Hi all! This week Emily and Kumail welcome their old pal David Angelo to talk about when they all lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn, his history with video games, and more. Plus Intro Kids with some hot gaming news!

    Watch Pro TV Writing Mastery with David Angelo!

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  2. The Indoor Kids #177: Wil Wheaton Comes Indoors « Nerdist

    Today Kumail and Emily welcome Wil Wheaton to talk about tabletop games, his show Tabletop, tons of Dragon Age and Far Cry, and stories about ’80s parties.

    (no spoilers for any games)

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  3. girl on guy 102: kumail nanjiani

    join kumail nanjiani of the indoor kids and the new comedy central special beta male and aisha as they dig through difficult names, how google is stalking you, the virus of bad information, the twitter pit of unfounded rage, being into weird meat, disproportionate assured destruction, mad magazine, personal freedoms, ancient beefs, all of the video games ever, and being your own brown person. plus kumail really likes shaking hands, and aisha is cut out of bioshock infinite.


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  4. The Indoor Kids #171: The Steve Martin of The Indoor Kids: Jordan Morris « Nerdist

    My only issue with the choices made for Clara in “Listen” is that it essentially makes her the most important companion by far. It pretty much establishes that The Doctor wouldn’t be who he was if it weren’t for her going back in time and literally shaping his psyche, which I found just so flippant and abrupt. It’s like why even have other companions if Moffat has seen fit to weave this one so deeply into the mythology?  She’s like the Doctor’s Pa Kent now …

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  5. The Indoor Kids with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon : Kumail Won’t Shut Up About He-Man with Ashly Burch

    Today Kumail and Emily welcome Ashly Burch, of HAWP, Borderlands 2, and Mortal Kombat X fame, to talk about action figures, TV, what it's like to voice a fighting game character, and much more!

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  6. You Made It Weird #22 - Emily Gordon

    Pete sits down with one of his best fwendz in the world, Emily Gordon, writer/blogger/producer and wife to one of Pete’s other best fwendz in the world, Kumail Nanjiani, and breaks just about everything Pete cares about wide open: life, love, the whole deal. It’s all in here. Pete says this is his favorite episode (although he admits he shouldn’t play favorites) but “fuck it: this is the best.” Get crispy, weirdos!! Follow @thegynomite on Twitter and listen to Emilly on The Indoor Kids! Follow @peteholmez on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook!

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