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  1. A Cast of Kings S4E04 - Oathkeeper - /Film

    A Cast of Kings S4E04 – Oathkeeper

    Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2014 by David Chen

    Joanna and David discuss the fourth episode of season 4 of Game of Thrones, “Oathkeeper.” Thanks to our sponsor for this week, Hover. Be sure to read why this episode of Game of Thrones changed the rules forever, and why we process rape and murder differently. Also, check out these tunes.

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  2. 117: The Real Macaw: Stop Writing Code, Start Drawing It

    Tom Giannattasio, Founder/CEO of Macaw, “the superhot web design tool of the future”, joins Zeldman to discuss a paradigm shift: can we really draw semantic HTML and succinct CSS? How it works. Pixels, percentages, ems, or rems? Designing a design tool. How to quit your job. From Kickstarter to startup. Team building. Responsive design, responsive community.

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  3. Complexity

    As we're about ready to release our new PRO Teams feature, we talk about the idea of complexity in web software. This feature was incredibly complex for us, in some ways because software is inherently complex, but much moreso because of how much existing code we have that this new feature touches.

    Complexity is an interesting issue because it affects your ability to work quickly, it affects your own and other peoples understanding of your code, and can make it's way into how the software is used. It even affects how you feel about your own software, affecting moral.

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