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  1. The Process - Ep 46: Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats on the slow burn and sustaining a creative career

    Eric D. Johnson formed the band Fruit Bats in 1997 and has been releasing music under that moniker since 2001. His first professional musical endeavor was playing with the esteemed group, Califone at age 23. He then joined The Shins for four years, allowing him to quit his craft services job in Chicago. He cut his teeth on those experiences, receiving a true education in being a professional touring musician.

    Since then, Fruit Bats has released four records on Sub Pop with a new record, Gold Past Life – their seventh – to be released this year on Merge Records.

    In this episode, we talk about his new album, his writing process, small “keep you going” wins, touring with Califone and The Shins, what it takes to be a successful musician today, how he sustains creatively and professionally, and more.

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  2. Song Exploder - Mitski

    Mitski has been making records since 2012. Her newest record, Puberty 2, came out in June 2016, and was critically acclaimed. Pitchfork gave it Best New Music status. Her music has been featured in the television show Adventure Time. In this episode, Mitski breaks down her song “Your Best American Girl,” along with her long-time collaborator Patrick Hyland.

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  3. Super Marcato Bros. #281: Hitoshi Sakimoto

    In this very exciting and long-overdue episode, Karl & Will celebrate the incredible music of Hitoshi Sakimoto! The guys share a smorgasbord of tracks old and new, and discuss why his music consistently stands out from the crowd. Enjoy some top-shelf VGM!

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  4. Super Marcato Bros. #211: Undertale

    In this long overdue episode, Karl & Will explore the one-of-a-kind soundtrack to last year’s Undertale! Composed by Toby Fox, (the game’s designer), this score was one of the most talked-about of 2015. The guys discuss what makes it so eclectic, emotional and entirely unique.

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  5. Super Marcato Bros. #250: Disasterpeace

    For the Season 10 Finale, the guys explore the career of acclaimed video game composer Rich Vreeland, known by his alias Disasterpeace. Known for beloved scores such as Fez, Hyper Light Drifter, The Floor is Jelly, and many more. Enjoy a spotlight on this very talented and unique composer!

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  6. Super Marcato Bros. #108: Falcom Sound Team JDK

    This week, the guys focus on the incredibly influential and signature sound of Falcom Sound Team JDK! By far one of the most consistent sound teams that established a tradition, and kept following it year after year. Enjoy a large focus on the PC-88, a Japanese computer system where Falcom made a name for themselves with series such as Ys and Dragon Slayer!

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  7. Super Marcato Bros. #9: Ys Part 1

    Ys 1: Ancient Ys Vanished - Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa - Falcom - NEC PC-8801 - 1987 -Feena -Departure -First Step Towards Wars -Palace (PC-88 & PCE) -Palace of Destruction -Tower of the Shadow of Death -The Last Moment of the Dark -Fair Wind (originally unused in Ys1) -The Morning Grow -See You Again -Church (unused) -Crossroad of Sadness (unused) -Sub-mission (unused) -Olden Nostalgic Shop (unused) -In the Memory (unused) -Mysterious Moment (unused) Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter - Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa, Hideya Nagata – Falcom – NEC PC-8801 - 1988 -To Make the End of Battle -Too Full With Love -Protecters -Ice Ridge of Noltia (PC-88 & PCE) -Tender People -Palace of Salmon (PCE & PC-88) -Subterranean Canal -Termination (PC-88 & PCE) -So Much for Today -Theme of Adoru (unused in Ys2)

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  8. Super Marcato Bros. #266: Nier

    In this episode, Karl & Will dive into the remarkably beautiful score to NieR. This one of a kind RPG soundtrack features expressive and intimate vocals by Emi Evans, and gorgeous melodies by Keiichi Okabe and company. Enjoy some top shelf VGM!

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  9. RiYL Episode 221: Tim Kasher

    No Resolution is an album about heartbreak. It’s raw and real, delving into break ups and fears of settling down, topics that Tim Kasher is set to explore even more deeply in his upcoming film of the same name.

    His directorial debut (soundtracked by the accompanying album) tells the story of an engaged couple breaking up over the course of a New Year’s Eve.

    For his part, however, the sometime Cursive/The Good Life frontman seems pretty content — at least over the course of our hour-long conversation. He’s newly married, living in Los Angeles and generally drinking less than he did in his indie rock glory days (though we are speaking over a couple of beers — he’s not made of stone).

    But as he is on record, Kasher is open and honest about the ups and downs of his existence as a professional indie rocker in his early 40s. Over the course of our talk (next to the highway in the backyard of a Williamsburg bar), Kasher discusses creative roadblocks, drinking in Omaha and the looming terror of children.

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