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  1. Core Intuition » Episode 260: Invitation To Failure

    Daniel and Manton discuss Sal Soghoian’s sudden departure from Apple, and what it may mean for Apple’s future ambitions with automation. Then they react to Apple’s alleged decision to abandon their line of AirPort branded routers, and bemoan the loss of yet another “just buy the Apple one” peripheral option.

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    Terrible News from Sal Soghoian – Andy Ihnatko breaks the news from MacTech about Sal Soghoian’s departure from Apple.

    Mac OS X Automation – Sal Soghoian’s long-time automation reference site for the Mac.

    Frequently Asked Questions – Straight from Soghoian: answers to questions about his departure.

    AppleScript, the Perfect Adjunct to iTunes – An open letter from Kirk McElhearn to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

    FastScripts – Daniel’s Mac-based AppleScript launcher and menu utility. – Long-time resource for AppleScript and other Mac automation technologies.

    Hypercard – Ancient Apple technology featuring the AppleScript-ish HyperTalk programming language.

    Workflow – iOS-based automation app.

    Automator – Higher-level scripting technology introduced by Apple with Mac OS X 10.4.

    JavaScript for Automation – JavaScript-based interface to the Open Scripting Architecture, introduced in Mac OS X 10.10.

    Open Scripting Architecture – Underlying technology providing infrastructure for both AppleScript and JavaScript for Automation.

    Cocoa Scripting – Cocoa infrastructure for app-makers to support AppleScript and other OSA languages.

    SwiftAutomation – Swift-based automation solution from Hamish Sanderson.

    Abandoning Airport – Bloomberg report on Apple’s reported departure from the WiFi router market.

    Eero – A popular mesh-networking WiFi router provider.

    Success Hides Problems – Stanford Business School article about Ed Catmull’s business philosophy.

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  2. Gillmor Gang 11.18.16: Real News

    The Gillmor Gang — John Borthwick, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, November 18, 2016. Mainstream media meets streaming media as we await the transition to the new administration. The Gang tackles the fake news pandemic with a requiem for truthiness scheduled for January 20th.

    @stevegillmor, @borthwick, @kevinmarks, @fradice, @kteare

    Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor

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  3. Under the Radar #55: Black Friday Sale - Relay FM

    The effectiveness and side effects of sales and price changes.

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  4. A Dark View from Flyover Country

    Midwest-based journalist Sarah Kendzior thinks things are going to get a lot worse. Her view from mid-America is that the election is just the opening act of a future rife with fascism and violence.


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  5. John Roderick and the Myth of No Effort (XOXO 2016)

    A frequent guest at XOXO, John Roderick is the frontman and songwriter of The Long Winters, the receiving end of Merlin Mann’s weekly phone calls for Roderick on the Line, and one of our favorite storytellers of all time.

    Follow John on Twitter: Roderick on the Line: The Long Winters: And his official site:

    Recorded in September 2016 at XOXO, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology in Portland, Oregon. For more, visit

    Introductory music: "Flaws Run Deep" by Jim Guthrie. Video production by brytCAST. Video thumbnail by Searle Video. Captions by White Coat Captioning.

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  6. Slate Magazine Daily Feed: Gist: The Incredible Failure of Get-Out-the-Vote

    Hillary Clinton was supposed to have the most sophisticated digital ground game ever, while all Trump had was a ramshackle data bunker in San Antonio. We all know how that turned out. Sasha Issenberg is a Bloomberg contributor and author of The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of …

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  7. Episode 096 — Sins of Commission and Omission — Exponent — Overcast

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  8. Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL

    Host Dave Chappelle jokes about Donald Trump being elected president and how being rich has changed his life.

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  9. Ep. 95 - Van Jones

    Van Jones, political activist and CNN commentator, talks with David about Tuesday’s election results and the cultural chasm that exists in America, his childhood in rural Tennessee and the important relationship he had with his father, and why he won’t be running for public office any time soon.

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  10. 14 - Steven Pinker on Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence

    Steven Pinker has spent an entire academic career thinking deeply about language, cognition, and human nature. Driving it all, he says, is an Enlightenment belief that the world is intelligible, science can progress, and through rational inquiry we can better understand ourselves. 

    He recently joined Tyler for a conversation not only on the power of reason, but also the economics of irrational verbs, whether violence will continue to decline, behavioral economics, existential threats, the merits of aerobic exercise, photography, group selection, Fermi’s paradox, Noam Chomsky, universal grammar, free will, the Ed Sullivan show, and why people underrate the passive (or so it is thought).


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