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  1. What Mutual Aid Can Do During a Pandemic

    A radical practice is suddenly getting mainstream attention. Will it change how we help one another?

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  2. Why Weren’t We Ready for the Coronavirus?

    The U.S. has fared worse than other countries not because it lacked information or funding but because it failed to learn the lessons of the last outbreaks.

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  3. Covid-19: the psychology of conspiracy theories | Science | The Guardian

    Ian Sample speaks to social psychologist Dr Daniel Jolley about why the global coronavirus pandemic is fertile ground for conspiracy theories

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  4. ‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb on warnings over systemic risks from global pandemics

    Nassim Taleb, Universa Investment’s scientific advisor and distinguished professor of risk engineering at NYU, warned of an acute virus spreading throughout the planet in his 2007 book "The Black Swan." In January, he also warned of the systemic risks of the coronavirus pandemic. He joins "Squawk Box" to discuss.

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  5. Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk

    Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.

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  6. Trump versus the Governors | The New Yorker Radio Hour | WNYC Studios

    Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer on clashing with the President while fighting a pandemic. Plus, Edwidge Danticat on how the coronavirus outbreak affects Miami’s Little Haiti.

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  7. Gretchen Whitmer’s Chilling Call With the White House

    In Ep. 6 of The New Abnormal, co-hosts Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast talk with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer about a scary call with the White House and the ad that drove Trump batty.

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  8. What is a resilient website? (with Jeremy Keith) | A Question of Code

    How can we make the web work well for everybody?


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  9. Lessons From The 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    What can we learn from the United States’ response to the 1918 influenza pandemic?

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  10. Compared With China, U.S. Stay-At-Home Has Been ‘Giant Garden Party,’ Journalist Says

    As millions of people remain socially isolated and anxious about COVID-19, several U.S. governors are at least making plans to relax controls in their states and revive economic activity — against the advice of many public health professionals.

    New York Times science and health reporter Donald G. McNeil Jr. warns that the push to reopen is premature. "We’re nowhere near getting on top of this virus," he says.

    McNeil has spent decades at the Times covering infectious diseases, including AIDS, Ebola, malaria, swine and bird flu, and SARS. He describes the ways that some Americans are approaching social distancing measures as a "giant garden party" compared with what the citizens of China and Italy have faced.

    Sun Rays, Disinfectants And False Hopes: Misinformation Litters The Road To Reopening THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Sun Rays, Disinfectants And False Hopes: Misinformation Litters The Road To Reopening Tennessee Restaurants Reopen As State Sees Biggest 1-Day Jump In COVID-19 Cases CORONAVIRUS LIVE UPDATES Tennessee Restaurants Reopen As State Sees Biggest 1-Day Jump In COVID-19 Cases "I hear anecdotally that people [in the U.S.] are holding … barbecues and people are still going out on Internet dates and having play dates with kids," he says. "Unfortunately, that’s the reason that we have about 30,000 new infections a day in this country. … China didn’t reopen until they had zero new infections a day."

    McNeil says even a fairly strict stay-at-home policy is "just the first step" in the battle against the pandemic: "There’s a Harvard study that came out recently that said we should have 5 million to 10 million tests per day across [the U.S.] in order to have a clearer idea of where the virus is, where cases are going up. And cumulatively, all the tests we’ve done now has been 5 million."

    McNeil points to China as a model of how to stop a fast-moving pandemic in its tracks, using widespread testing and a strict quarantine. "We’re reluctant to follow China, but they did it," he says. "They did it brutally, but brilliantly."

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