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  1. World Outline Podcast Episode 1

    The inaugural episode of the World Outline Podcast. A conversation about the World Outline, between User Adam Curry & Developer Dave Winer Shownotes, feed etc etc etc still to come. For now, enjoy the show. All software should have a podcast like this!

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  2. Rebooting The News #58

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  3. Rebooting The News #57

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  4. Rebooting the News #55

    Special guest is the developer of the Readability plug-in, Richard Ziade.

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  5. Rebooting the News #54

    Some pre-show notes:

    Dave gave a presentation at the New York Times. What did he say?

    Hacks and hackers comes to New York. Dave was there. Anything rebootish about it?

    Nate Silver joins the New York Times: what do we think?

    The sources go direct: an Internet Week event at NYU, followed by an open newsroom. What’s it all about?

    Apple has WWDC this week: reflections?

    We will be doing this show at ONA in DC is October, 2010.

    Jay decided to stop writing about Facebook and privacy. Why?

    The Block-by-block community news summit, an event in September that Jay is co-organizing. The research for it includes this list of local news start-ups. We’re going to bring those entrepreneurs together.

    Jay: two problems with the news system that I have been thinking and talking about a lot lately… 1.) Mixing up context-dependent and context-independent news; and 2.) Mixing up “level one” users and “level four” users.

    Finally, a question I hope we can visit sometime on RBTN: what is Yahoo? I have a hard time understanding their strategy or even their definition.

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  6. Rebooting the News #53

    Is Dave a Replacenik? Gwen Ifill. Death of the open web.

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  7. Rebooting the News #52


    Jay is traveling to Toronto for the fantastic Mesh10 conference, so Jeremy Zilar of the NY Times filled in as guest.

    We talked about blogging at the Times and blogging in NYC.

    A teeny bit of Angry Birds was thrown in for fun. :-)

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  8. Rebooting the News #51

    What comes after 50?

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  9. Rebooting the News #50

    Dave and I are doing our 50th Rebooting the News at noon Eastern today. That seemed to be worth celebrating. So we’re going to try to do our version of “all request radio.” From

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  10. Rebooting the News #49

    Facebook’s recent moves

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