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  1. Libertarian Lee Doren vs. Leftist Sam Seder

    From the Majority Report, live M-F 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM: Lee Doren answers Sam Seder’s Libertarian Open Challenge on Sam’s 12 Hour 1 Year Anniversary Live Broadcast. A Libertarian vs. Leftist debate!

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwacQGOuZaw
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  2. Longform Podcast #254: Maggie Haberman · Longform

    Maggie Haberman covers the White House for The New York Times. “If I start thinking about it, then I’m not going to be able to just keep doing my job. I’m being as honest as I can — I try not to think about it. If you’re flying a plane and you think


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  3. Naomi Klein on Donald Trump and the new shock politics | Intelligence Squared on acast

    Earlier this week we recorded a special episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast at the Acast studio in east London. We were joined by author and activist Naomi Klein and BBC economics editor Kamal Ahmed as they discussed Klein’s bestselling new book ‘No Is Not Enough’. In this wide-ranging discussion, Klein sets out her view of Trump as the ultimate megabrand. To her, Trump’s presidency is not an aberration – it’s the culmination of recent political trends and amounts to nothing less than a giant corporate takeover of America.

    Will Trump-style politics become the new normal, or – however unstable the world feels right now – can progressives unite to to defeat what Klein calls the new politics of shock and fear?


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  4. Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Migration Edition (At Home) - On The Media - WNYC

    Professor Doug Massey walks us through the myths and misconceptions surrounding immigration in America for Part Two of our Breaking …


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  5. TMO Daily Observations 2016-04-05: TextExpander 6 and the Software Subscription Debate - Daily Observations Podcast - The Mac Observer

    TextExpander 6 is out and it fired up the software subscription debate. Greg Scown from Smile Software, along with Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro, join Jeff Gamet to look at subscription software models, what benefits they can offer, and why some people oppose them.


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  6. Michael Moss on How the Food Giants Hooked Us - The Leonard Lopate Show - WNYC

    The book Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us reveals how companies create foods to addict us - …


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  7. Episode 1: Mouth to Ear - There Goes the Neighborhood - WNYC

    Gentrification is something everyone is talking about, but what is it? When a neighborhood changes, how does it happen and why? …


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  8. Food on the Move: The Food Truck Handbook

    Food trucks are expanding eating options all over New York. David Weber, founder and president of the New York City …


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  9. The Dalrymple Report

    Jim Dalrymple and Merlin Man talk about firsts, staying healthy and active, and the virtues of consistent beer. Download the MP3 of this episode. Sponsored by:…


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  10. Inside The New York Times Book Review: Mass Murder in Norway

    This week, Eric Schlosser discusses Asne Seierstad’s “One of Us”; Alexandra Alter has news from the literary world; Meghan O’Rourke talks about Elizabeth Alexander’s “The Light of the World”; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.


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