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  1. The Marketplace of Ideas - Merlin Mann - “We Have Ham Radios”

    Colin Marshall talks to Merlin Mann, thinker, writer, and speaker on time, attention, and creative work. Following up on his June 2009 visit, he’s back on the show to talk about a great many things, not least his new podcast Back to Work with Dan Benjamin, a program about productivity, communication, barriers, constraints, tools — and, nearly always, fear. The conversation also ventures into other, unusually personal topics, including dealing with entrepreneurs, trying not to hate the internet, and having one hundred dollars in the bank.

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  2. If you like John Roderick or Roderick on the Line… - the ROCKS GLASS

    If you like John Roderick or Roderick on the Line (and let’s be real… if you’re on Tumblr, you do), then you’ll love listening to our time with Sir John himself.

    Hell of a way to leave for vacation.

    Here we are: The last episode before our hiatus. We certainly couldn’t have had a better guest to share with you than our friend John Roderick.

    In this episode we discuss Jeremy’s encroaching Kaczynski-ism (minus the pipe bombs), digging holes with your boots, babies, writing, David Rees’s insistence that we all get ripped in 2015 and challenge coins. It’s a lot to leave you with.

    That said: Farewell for a bit. We will return, rested and ready, in late June 2015. Until then, listen to old episodes, think of new topics, questions and guests for us to have on the show and definitely spend some time getting to know the other shows on We’ll see you soon.

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  3. 5by5 | The Cocktail Napkin #65: My Canadian Boyfriend

    5by5 - The Cocktail Napkin #65: My Canadian Boyfriend

    That’s right. April 26. Last episode.

    I’ll mention more about it in coming episodes, but I think this will be a good thing for all of us. It’ll give me some time to think about what I’ve been trying to turn this show into and then develop a new show based off whatever that something is.

    I’m excited, and I hope you’ll be excited too.

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  4. 5by5 | The Cocktail Napkin #64: Geeking in the Rain

    5by5 - The Cocktail Napkin #64: Geeking in the Rain

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  5. 5by5 | The Cocktail Napkin #61: A Bridge Will Never Build Itself

    Two Kansas City boys who were launched onto the Internet by the Daring Fireball Linked List (Jeremy and Shawn Blanc) sat down for mediocre coffee to discuss happy accidents, taking big leaps and how simplification adds power to technology.

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  6. Tips For Making Ideas Happen [SxSW 2009]

    The Behance Team is focused on organizing and boosting productivity in the creative world. We have interviewed hundreds of the most productive creative people and teams that are actually able to MAKE IDEAS HAPPPEN. We now want to share the "tips" and insights from our research with creative and entrepreneurial people that want to make ideas happen.

    Scott Belsky, Behance


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