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  1. The Digital Human: Haunted

    Aleks Krotoski asks if we are haunted by our technology, or are we haunting it?

    So much of our experience of technology can feel a bit like being haunted. It starts like any good ghost story with the just mildly unsettling; things aren’t were you left them or seem to have moved on their own within our devices. Its a creepy feeling that leaves you unsure about what to believe. Our understanding of how much of technology works is so limited that when it starts to behave out of the ordinary we have no explanation. This is when we start to make very peculiar judgement’s; "why did you do that" we plead, as if some hidden force was at work.

    For some these feelings of being haunted by our technology can develop into full blown apparitions; keen gamers frequently experience Game transfer Phenomena where they literally see images of their game play in the real world, an involuntary augmented reality. While the hallucinations aren’t necessarily distressing in themselves the experiences can leave individuals questioning their sanity.

    The coming internet of things will bring problems of its own; smart locks that mysteriously open by themselves for example as if under the influence of some poltergeist. Aleks herself has had the experience of digital ‘gas lighting’ (a term drawn from an Ingrid Bergman movie of a woman being driven mad by husband) when her partner logged on to their home automation system remotely and started to mess with the lights while Aleks was home alone. As one commentator puts it in a reworking of the old Arthur C. Clarke quote "any sufficiently advanced hacking is indistinguishable from haunting."

    And as our devices and appliances increasingly start talking to each other bypassing us altogether who’s to say we, like Nicole Kidman’s character in The Others, haven’t become the ghost in the machine.


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  2. Invisible Cities

    An exploration of the imaginative possibilities held within a city’s secret folds.

    Invisible Cities takes its inspiration from Italo Calvino’s novel of the same name. Originally produced by Eleanor McDowall for BBC Radio 3’s Between the Ears, this documentary features contributions from writers, urban explorers and mapmakers, and invites us to eavesdrop on the hidden, fantastical and surreal stories caught between the cracks of the modern city.


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  3. 5by5 | The Incomparable #90: A Suspiciously Efficient Morgue

    The BBC’s "Sherlock" season two.


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  4. BBC - Desert Island Discs - Castaway : David Mitchell

    Kirsty Young’s castaway is comedian David Mitchell.


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  5. Desert Island Discs - Stephen Fry

    Sue Lawley’s castaway is comedian and writer Stephen Fry.


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  6. iPM 2012.11.17 - BBC Radio 4

    This week iPM marks the seventieth anniversary of Operation Freshman, a raid on a facility in Norway, that was crucial to the development of the Nazi’s atomic bomb programme during the Second World War.

    Hear how it went tragically wrong and about the way the operation has been largely forgotten, despite the heroism.

    Duration: 15 minutes

    First broadcast: Saturday 17 November 2012


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  7. DigitalP: 06 Dec 11: Video games and violence

    Video games and violence; Angelica Ortiz de Gortari response on games; Robotville EU


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  8. Mathematical art, search and robots

    This week Jamillah learns how maths translates into hair accessories and what a search engine looks like from the inside. Meanwhile, Chris Vallance finds out more about our relationships with robotic friends.


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  9. On The Map 10: Maps of the Mind

    The most powerful maps aren’t found on paper or a computer screen. They’re the maps we hold in our memories and imaginations. Mike Parker visits a primary school in his home town to compare the pupils’ maps with his own, drawn from childhood recollection. And he takes a trip to Ambridge, home of the Archers, to meet Eddie Grundy and ask him for directions around the village.

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  10. On The Map 6: World View

    Mike Parker considers the picture that maps and atlases give us of the wider world and our place in it. He discovers how cartographers always have to keep one eye on the map and the other on the news as territorial disputes rage, borders change and new countries emerge. And he visits Jan Morris to look through a collection of maps and atlases accumulated over sixty years of travel writing.

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