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  1. Why Are Cities (Still) So Expensive? (Ep. 435) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    It isn’t just supply and demand. We look at the complicated history and skewed incentives that make “affordable housing” more punch line than reality in cities from New York and San Francisco to Flint, Michigan (!).

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  2. Financial Crises & Asset Bubbles | The Prof G Show

    On this episode of The Prof G Show, Scott Galloway shares insights on economic bubbles and the inevitable nature of crises.

    0:00 The making of a financial crisis 3:03 WebVan 4:30 SPACs & adjusted EBITDA 5:52 Virgin Galactic 6:25 Tesla & Robinhood 7:30 Nikola Motors 7:56 Quibi 9:32 Thoughts from the Dawg 10:47 PSA

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  3. Alteryx, Slack, and Data Analytics with KermitCapital by Chit Chat Money • A podcast on Anchor

    This week on Chit Chat Money your hosts, Ryan Henderson and Brett Schafer, welcome KermitCapital (20:40) and discuss what using data can look like at different companies. Prior to the interview (2:09) Ryan talks about The Art of Selling, Brett discusses Roblox and the two talk about the current state of Fintwit. As always, on the back half (1:04:46), find Hot Water, FMK, and Anecdotal Evidence. Enjoy the Show!

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  4. Checks and Balance: Reality wreck | Checks and Balance on Acast

    The president’s tweet announcing his positive coronavirus test was his most shared ever - a shocking fact amid a mire of misinformation. This week’s angry TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden highlighted how even the truth has become a partisan issue. Can reality be reclaimed? We speak to MIT’s Sinan Aral, author of The Hype Machine, and Adam Roberts, The Economist’s Midwest correspondent reports from Iowa. John Prideaux, The Economist ‘s US editor, hosts with New York bureau chief Charlotte Howard, and Jon Fasman, Washington correspondent. For access to The Economist ’s print, digital and audio editions subscribe: The Economist is seeking applicants for two paid fellowships in America. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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  5. Stock Detective Podcast - Episode 2 Chris Seifel | Free Listening on Podbean App

    In this episode, we interview Chris Seifel of Seifel Capital.

    Chris recently joined FinTwit and quickly gained a large following with his deep dives on high growth companies like Snowflake, Fastly and CrowdStrike posted on his substack,

    Chris shares a detailed breakdown of his investing process and makes a compelling case for investing in some of these companies.

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  6. Episode 87: Talking with Matt Cochrane and The Science of Hitting - Chit Chat Money

    On episode 87 we had a fantastic hour-long discussion with Matt Cochrane from 7investing and The Science of Hitting (his Twitter pseudonym). We covered Comcast vs. Roku, whether Facebook’s headwinds are overblown, and the battle between fintech and the big banks. I learned a ton from this discussion and think any listener will too. YouTube…

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