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  1. TummelVision 66: Eli Pariser on The Filter Bubble | Tummelvision

    Episode Notes

    Eli Pariser is an online organizer and disorganizer, the former Executive Director of MoveOn (and now the board president), a co-founder of, and the author of

    The Filter Bubble.

    This week on TummelVision, Eli joins Heather Gold, Kevin Marks, and Deb Schultz to talk about his book, the governance of the Internet, and online culture.

    News and Notes:

    Watch Eli Pariser’s TED talk about the Filter Bubble

    Kevin Marks: “Call off the Search“

    David Foster Wallace, “E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction“

    Louis Gray’s blog post: “Why The Filter Bubble Is No Bubble and It’s Not Bad Either“

    Kevin Marks: “There are no influencers. There are only ways of looking at people as influencers.”

    October 20 in New York: Contact Summit 2011: The Evolution Will Be Social

    Mathew Ingram at GigaOm: “Do We Have Too Many Filters, Or Not Enough?“

    As you listen, you can replay the fascinating conversation from our live chat room here at CoveritLive.

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  2. The Art of Asking Everything

    Amanda Palmer presents an intimate conversation with Lenny Henry, recorded December 17, 2019 in London. Lenny Henry is one of the most successful British stand-up comedians of all time.  In 1975, at just 17, his career took off when he was a repeat winner on the weekly TV talent show, "New Faces.” He went on to host his own sketch comedy program, "The Lenny Henry Show," starting in 1984. Later, Lenny stared in the 90’s BBC sitcom, “Chef!" Lenny is a founder, front-man and a creative force behind the charity Comic Relief. In this episode we talk about the paradoxes of celebrity and social media, how the internet is a buffet, starting a career in entertainment in Working Mans’ Clubs, using humor as armor against racism, the history of minstrelsy in the UK, making your work the structure of your life, giving your loved ones fair warning when you publish a memoir, the beautiful meld of words and images in comic books, the power of masks and fiction and why giving advice to younger artists is so important.  @LennyHenry This podcast is 100% fan supported. There are no corporate sponsors or restrictions on speech. No ads.No sponsors.No censorship.We are the media. Exclusive content is available to Patrons only. Go to Patreon.Become a member. Get extra stuff. Join the community at


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  3. Talia Jane vs Yelp - There Are No Girls on the Internet

    After Talia Jane called out Yelp for failing to pay a living wage, she became the "entitled millennial" poster child. But she was actually right.

    Read the Wired profile on Talia’s life:

    Read Talia’s Medium piece:

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  4. Microcast #081 – Anarchy, Federation, and the IndieWeb | Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel

    Happy New Year! It’s good to be back. This week’s microcast answers a question from John Johnston about federation and the IndieWeb.

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  5. Materiality: a new science fiction story for the Oslo Architecture Triennale about sustainable, green abundance | Cory Doctorow’s

    It was supposed to be a special graduation treat: for their last two weeks of middle school, Artemio’s class would be the model classroom for the Huerta’s Twenty-First Town, part of the show for all the other kids whose teachers were no more excited about being in school in the final weeks of May than their students were.

    Artemio’s parents thought it was going to be great. His dad had loved the Huerta when he was a kid, and his mom, who had grown up in Oregon, had been charmed by the Huerta when she moved to LA for grad school. There hadn’t been a Twenty-First Town back then, only the Tongva village, the Mission, the pioneer town, the Gold Rush town, the FEMA camp. It was still enough for the Huerta to claim to be “the world’s largest open-air museum,” though much of its land was raw San Fernando Valley grit and scrub, with each little village connected to the other by a fleet of lovingly maintained antique vehicles from every era of California history: Redcar trams, omnibuses, horse-drawn carriages, Model Ts, a pod of hand-rubbed convertibles and muscle-cars that still ran on gasoline.

    Artemio didn’t think it was going to be great. His grandparents had told him enough stories of their childhoods to convince him that Old Timey People were fucking idiots (Artemio’s parents said he could swear, so long as he did it well). It wasn’t just the stupidity of sending tons of CO2 into the atmosphere: it was the reason for all that CO2, which was the production, distribution and elimination of some really terrible stuff.


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  6. Exclusive: Matt Mullenweg and Automattic bought Tumblr. What’s next?

    Blogging is back, maybe! Automattic just bought Tumblr from Verizon for reportedly 3 million dollars. CEO of Automattic Matt Mullenweg sits down with The Verge’s Julia Alexander and Nilay Patel for this emergency episode of the Vergecast to share what his plans are for the micro-blogging platform.

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