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  1. #161: HTTP/2 with Ilya Grigorik - The Changelog

    Our guest this week is Ilya Grigorik. He’s back again, and this time we’re talking about his true passion, internet plumbing, web performance, and the HTTP/2 spec.

    In this show we cover everything around HTTP/2 — the spec, HTTP/1 history, SPDY, binary framing layer, the semantics of HTTP/2, pipelining, multiplexing, header compression (HPACK), server push, TLS, “time to glass”, upgrading, adoption, support and more!

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    Show notes and links

    Ilya Grigorik (@igrigorik) on Twitter

    Ilya Grigorik on GitHub

    #55: Goliath, Event Machine, and SPDY with Ilya Grigorik – The Changelog

    #144: GitHub Archive and Changelog Nightly with Ilya Grigorik – The Changelog

    High Performance Browser Networking

    Chapter 12. HTTP/2 – High Performance Browser Networking

    HTTP/2 in one slide

    Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Is TLS Fast Yet?

    Implementations · http2/http2-spec Wiki


    Nghttp2: HTTP/2 C Library – nghttp2.org

    Jetty – Servlet Engine and Http Server

    Website Performance Optimization Testing Course – Udacity

    SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web – The Chromium Projects

    The Changelog Weekly – Issue #54

    The Changelog Weekly – Issue #55

    Google’s Ilya Grigorik on HTTP 2.0

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  2. Episode 140: TIM FERRISS

    Episode 140: TIM FERRISS

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    Tim Ferris (4 Hour Body and 4 Hour workweek) joins the DTFH and gives us some high-tech life tips for heating up the hot tub of our lives by cooling down our actual bath tubs.




    Show Notes

    Tim’s Web Site

    Tim On Twitter



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  3. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #84: Dalton Caldwell

    Dalton Caldwell, CEO and co-founder of <a href="https://join.app.net">App.net</a>;, is Jeffrey Zeldman’s guest in Episode No. 84 of The Big Web Show, sponsored by Happy Cog™.


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  4. 5by5 | 5by5 Specials #4: Kindacritical

    5by5 - 5by5 Specials #4: Kindacritical


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  5. 5by5 | 5by5 Specials #3: The Best of 2011

    5by5 - 5by5 Specials #3: The Best of 2011


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  6. Episode 0.3.1 - Websockets - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.


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