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  1. Lead Time Chats | Episode 6, Lara Hogan

    In this episode, Jean chats with Lara Hogan, author of Resilient Management, about how engineering managers can lead effectively a year into a global pandemic, even when they may be struggling.

    They chat about: - Leaning into one-way asynchronous communication as much as possible — especially for announcements and status updates that don’t require a back-and-forth - Using Red-Yellow-Green check-ins in 1:1s and other situations to make it as lightweight as humanly possible to check in on your coworkers - Making sure your oxygen mask is on first so that you can help others Defragging your calendar!

    You can access Lara's Defrag Your Calendar worksheet here:

    You can also try out Range for asynchronous check-ins that include red-yellow-green mood indicators.

    Join the Lead Time community to continue the conversation Request an invite: Twitter:

    About Lead Time: Lead Time is a community for engineering leaders who aspire to create better working environments for their teams; who want to build work cultures where personal growth and company growth go hand-in-hand, where productivity and well-being are not in conflict, and where ev…

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  2. Morgan Housel - The Psychology of Money

    Morgan Housel is one of the world's foremost leaders on all things money and human nature. He joins us this week to discuss:

    -Why education improves outcomes in other disciplines but not always in finance -The just-world fallacy as it pertains to wealth -The inescapability of our personal histories -The appropriate balance between optimism and pessimism

    Don't miss this conversation with one of the deepest thinkers in finance!

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  3. Decision Making: Mental Models, Knowing Your Variables, and Achieving Positive Outcomes With Shane Parrish (EP.19)

    Welcome back to another episode of the Rational Reminder Podcast. Our guest today is Shane Parrish. Shane runs the Farnam Street Blog, which has to be one of the most valuable collections of information that exists on the Internet. Farnam Street’s stated intention is mastering the best of what other people have already figured out and the site gets over a million visitors. The content is unbelievable in terms of improving yourself, thinking better, and learning better. Shane interviewed Ray Dalio not long ago and over time he’s spoken with some pretty serious people in his podcast, The Knowledge Project Podcast. This episode is a very peaceful, thoughtful, interesting conversation that we know listeners will love. Shane’s just got so much information in his head that we all can get a ton of value from. So, be sure to keep listening to hear more!   Key Points From This Episode:

    What mental models are and why they’re important. [0:02:07.0] Top list of mental models for making investing decisions. [0:03:39.0] The most harmful biases to investors. [0:04:44.0] Importance of process when making investment decisions. [0:07:51.0] Why Shane uses decision journals. [0:09:11.0] Being willing to look stupid. [0:12:36.0] How intuition and skills go together in investing. [0:14:16.0] Public markets versus private markets. [0:16:19.0] Avoiding negative outcomes and having positive outcomes. [0:20:41.0] Understanding uncertainty and risk. [0:24:35.0] Defining happiness for himself. [0:33:15.0] Lessons Shane learned about parenting. [0:36:28.0] Book that Shane loves to read. [0:43:55.0] . [0:25:50.0] And much more!

      For more information or to contact Cameron and Ben, visit

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  4. Dropbox - week-13-from-Benjamin-Hardy-on-Vimeo (1).mp3

    Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!

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  5. Frank Ostaseski: What the Dying Teach the Living - The Long Now

    Death’s Honesty

    In one of Long Now’s most moving talks, Ostaseski began: “I’m not romantic about dying.

    This is the hardest work you will ever do.

    It is tough.

    It’s sad and it’s messy and it’s cruel and it’s beautiful sometimes and mysterious, but above all that, it’s normal.

    It’s a boat we’re all in.

    It’s inevitable and intimate.“

    He said that people think it will be unbearable, but they find they have the resources to deal with it, and “they regularly—not always—develop insights into their lives in the time of dying that make them emerge as a much larger, more expansive, more real person than the small, separate self they’d taken themselves to be.”

    That is one message that dying gives to living.

    “Reflection on death,” he said, “causes us to be more responsible—in our relationships, with ourselves, with the planet, with our future.”

    Ostaseski summarized the insights he’s learned from the dying as “five invitations to be present.”

    1) Don’t wait.

    2) Welcome everything, push away nothing.

    3) Bring your whole self to the experience.

    4) Find a place of rest in the middle of things.

    5) Cultivate don’t-know mind.

    For 2), Ostaseski quoted James Baldwin: “Not everything that can be faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed that is not faced.”

    An example of 4): a woman who was panicking at her difficulty breathing was encouraged to try resting in the moment between breaths, and there she found the handle on her panic and relaxed into the situation.

    Ostaseski ended with a story.

    One day at Zen Hospice in San Francisco he was in the kitchen reading a book called Japanese Death Poems.

    A tough old lady from the streets named Sono, who was

    there to die, asked him about the book, and he explained the tradition of Japanese monks to write on the day of their death a poem expressing the essential truth discovered in their life.

    He read her a few.

    Sono said she’d like to write hers, and did, and asked that it be pinned to her bedclothes when she died and cremated with her.

    She wrote:

    Don’t just stand there with your hair turning gray,

    soon enough the seas will sink your little island.

    So while there is still the illusion of time,

    set out for another shore.

    No sense packing a bag.

    You won’t be able to lift it into your boat.

    Give away all your collections.

    Take only new seeds and an old stick.

    Send out some prayers on the wind before you sail.

    Don’t be afraid.

    Someone knows you’re coming.

    An extra fish has been salted.

    —Mona (Sono) Santacroce (1928 - 1995)

           —Stewart Brand

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  6. #194: Elixir with José Valim - The Changelog

    This week we talk with José Valim about Elixir! We learned about the early days of José’s start as a programmer. José took us back to the beginning of Elixir and shared why Erlang got him so excited, we broke down features of the language, we talked about functional programming, concurrency, developing for multi-core systems, we talked about the Elixir community, the future of Phoenix, Ecto, and so much more.

    Download: MP3 Audio

    Show sponsors

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    Show notes and links

    José Valim (@josevalim) on Twitter

    José Valim (@josevalim) on GitHub



    #147: Elixir and Phoenix with Chris McCord – The Changelog

    Elixir v1.2 and Ecto v1.1 · Issue #339 · thechangelog/ping

    Ruby on Rails

    plataformatec/devise: Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.

    Erlang Programming Language

    jashkenas (Jeremy Ashkenas)

    jashkenas/coffeescript: Unfancy JavaScript

    A Week with Elixir – Joe Armstrong says, “this is good shit.”

    José Valim at Strange Loop 2012 – Elixir: Modern Programming for the Erlang VM

    Programming Ruby “The Pickaxe” by Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, and Andy Hunt

    #191: Elm and Functional Programming with Richard Feldman – The Changelog

    elixir-lang/ecto – Elixir

    The Pragmatic Bookshelf “Productive |> Reliable |> Fast” by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate, and José Valim

    Introduction – Elixir

    Hero: Guy L. Steele, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Elixir Radar: the weekly email newsletter about Elixir – Plataformatec

    Exception tracking and logging from Elixir to Rollbar (elixir-addicts/rollbax)

    Have comments? Send a tweet to @Changelog on Twitter.Subscribe to Changelog Weekly – our weekly email covering everything that hits our open source radar.

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  7. #191: Elm and Functional Programming with Richard Feldman - The Changelog

    This week we talked about Elm and Functional Programming with Richard Feldman from NoRedInk. Elm labeled itself “the best of functional programming in your browser” and boasts “no runtime exceptions.” We talked about the language, whether or not it’s really faster than React, JavaScript fatigue, and the best ways to get started with Elm.

    Download: MP3 Audio

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    Opbeat for AngularJS – Opbeat has opened up Opbeat for AngularJS and they’re accepting beta signups right now! Sign up for the beta.

    Container World Conference – Use the code CHANGELOG20 to get 20% registration in January 2016 only.

    Show notes and links

    Richard Feldman on Twitter

    Evan Czaplicki on GitHub



    Style Guide

    Elm Syntax

    Elm From JavaScript

    Elm Docs

    [Podcast Suggestion] Evan Czaplicki – designer, developer of ELM lang · Issue #281 · thechangelog/ping

    Prezi – We’re excited to announce that Evan Czaplicki…

    NoRedInk makes learning grammar fun and easy

    #187: Redux, React, and Functional JavaScript with Dan Abramov – The Changelog


    elm-rails 3.0.0

    (99+) Elm Discuss – Google Groups

    Join Elm on Slack!

    Building a Live-Validated Signup Form in Elm — NoRedInk Tech

    Elm Packages

    Join the Changelog community for $20/yr!

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  8. dark insight-ep 10 (Bloodborne the old hunters special with Jeremy Greer and the lore hunter) by Dark Insight Podcast | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Stream dark insight-ep 10 (Bloodborne the old hunters special with Jeremy Greer and the lore hunter) by Dark Insight Podcast from desktop or your mobile device

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