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  1. how to grab audiences’ attention in a moment | Secret affects audience’s attention | Munira Zahabi!!

    how to grab audiences' attention in a moment | Secret affects audience's attention | Munira Zahabi!!

    In this video, Munira Zahabi shares her secrets for grabbing audiences' attention in a moment. She reveals the techniques that she uses to engage people from the very beginning of her presentations, speeches, and videos. Munira explains the importance of being clear, concise, and confident in your message, and how to use visual aids and storytelling to captivate your audience. She also discusses the "secret effect" that can keep your audience hooked and wanting more. If you're looking to improve your public speaking skills, increase your impact, and leave a lasting impression on your audience, this video is a must-watch.

    Munira Zahabi empowers entrepreneurs to embrace their gifts and grow their businesses. Munira showcases new guests who share their experiences, tips, and advice for listeners to grow their businesses. Our goal is to keep you motivated to achieve your goals and follow your dreams. We are working hard to improve your day and push you to be your best!! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur or are just thinking of being one, we hope an episode of Munira Zahabi will inspire you to watch, learn and Execute.

    Hope you guys enjoy this!

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  2. Kevin Freidberg on Jonathan Stark - Doing Daily | Podcast on Spotify

    Listen to this episode from Doing Daily on Spotify. From Kevin's website: Hi, I'm Kevin.I help you make your website about the one person we can all agree comes first: your prospect.The good news is… you know that person better than anyone.Related links:

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  3. How Good Humans Sell: Bonus Episode- How Kevin Freidberg Gets a High Conversion Rate

    Our first Bonus Episode! My Podcast Producer, Jolly Dixon, joins me to talk about our big take-aways from Episode 21's conversation with my friend Kevin Freidberg. If you haven't heard that conversation yet, This Cliff's Notes version is a great introduction and you'll get to meet Jolly. Listeners will be inspired by the way Kevin communicates with his prospects and will be inspired to think creatively about their own outreach. Follow Kevin and subscribe to his daily email at his website below.Mentioned in this episode:Episode 21Kevin Freidberg on LinkedIn7-Second WebsitesCatherine on LinkedInMusic composed and arranged by Luke Brown. Find him on TikTok @lukasaftermidnight

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  4. How to be More Prospect Centric with Kevin Freidberg - Marketing Podcast Network

    Share the goodness!FacebookTwitterRedditEmailLinkedInMore often than not, we make our websites and other marketing materials about us instead of the customer or prospect. Kevin Freidberg, certified story brand guide and award-wining copywriter has some ways we can overcome this. Connect with Kevin at Get Tim’s new book, The Marketing Starter on Amazon. Learn more about…

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  5. Kevin Freidberg- Lead Generation and Qualifying - Conversations with Good Humans | Podcast on Spotify

    Listen to this episode from Conversations with Good Humans on Spotify. Do you struggle with generating leads and then determining if it's good for you to work together? My friend Kevin Freidberg and I met through StoryBrand. He's a Good Human who sells. But the way Kevin qualifies his leads is very different from what I do. I'm so glad to share this interview with you because it's an encouragement that we can sell like Good Humans, in ways that feel comfortable for us, and provide immense value for our prospects. Kevin has done that and I want that for you!Mentioned in this episode:Kevin Freidberg on LinkedIn7-Second WebsitesMusic composed and arranged by Luke Brown. Find him on TikTok @lukasaftermidnight

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