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  1. Episode 068: Sean Nelson | RiYL

    Harvey Danger was one of the last of the Buzz Bin bands, in those waning

    when major labels were still forces to be reckoned with and MTV

    rotation was all it took to cement a song’s status as a

    generation-defining hit. Fresh out of college, the band scored its one

    major hit with “Flagpole Sitta,” the second track on the band’s debut

    record, which, all told cost around $3,000 to record.  Through

    some combination of unpopular choices, one major flub on the part of

    some crew member for 120 minutes and poor choices from above, the band

    would never manage to recapture such success, in spite of, quite

    arguably, releasing two far stronger records before disbanding for good

    in 2009.  In the days since, Nelson’s seemingly tried his hands

    at everything, playing keyboards for indie darlings The Long Winters,

    taking on backup vocal duties for the likes of Nada Surf and Death Cab

    for Cutie, taking roles in a number of films and writing for Seattle’s

    alt-weekly, The Stranger.  Last summer, Nelson even returned to

    songwriting, releasing his first solo record, Make Good Choices for the

    tiny Seattle label Really Records. Nelson and I met up while he

    was in New York to help a friend work on a musical, also using the

    opportunity to play an intimate show downstairs at Brooklyn’s Union

    Hall, along with his new wife Shenandoah Davis, who accompanied him on

    piano as he worked through solo songs and the occasional Harvey Danger

    number. We spoke about gauging one’s own accomplishments in the

    wake of massive success, occupational diversification and how to take a

    backseat to someone else’s creative force.

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