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  1. Inquisitive #46: Favourite Album: John Siracusa and ‘Achtung Baby’ - Relay FM

    This week, Myke talks to John Siracusa about ‘Achtung Baby’, by U2.

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  2. Inquisitive #43: Favourite Album: Serenity Caldwell and ‘All Day’ - Relay FM

    This week Myke talks to Serenity Caldwell about ‘All day’, by Girl Talk.

    This week’s show features some music with explicit lyrics.

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  3. Inquisitive #38: Favourite Album: Faith Korpi and ‘Pet Sounds’ - Relay FM

    On the first episode of the ‘Favourite Album’ series, Myke talks to Faith Korpi about ‘Pet Sounds’, by The Beach Boys.

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