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  1. Patrick Rhone a Writer Who Has Lived The Best and Worst


    A tough life has taught Patrick Rhone how to be resilient!

    Patrick Rhone has gone through a time in his life where he had to plan out when he would eat his one meal a day so his two kids could eat three meals. He learned a lot from that experience and it shows in his personality and especially in his writing.

    With time, light shined down on his life, and he now lives a great life with his young daughter, and loving wife. Patrick Rhone, in recent years was granted the ability to pursue his passion that he had carried since he was a young boy of writing as a profession.

    Patrick Rhone’s insightfulness into the little things of life have helped many people and has helped him publish several books.

    I was very excited when Patrick Rhone agreed to be on Dreamers Podcast because I am a huge fan of his work! I think you can find something in any of his writings, and I encourage everyone to check out his sites. This really is an incredible story of a man who did everything he could for his two sons as a young age, and has been greatly rewarded later in life for his struggles.

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  2. Patrick Rhone | Pratfalls of Parenting Ep 94

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    “There’s no perfect balance.”

    Writer and technology consultant Patrick Rhone talks about his path from helping people building websites to helping people incorporate technology into all parts of their lives. He talks about traveling as a parent and he shares how much he’s thinking about the world on a grand scale in the context of how technology should and could be in service of humanity in tackling worldwide problems. And Patrick talks about how his young daughter interacts with technology and how that shapes the way he thinks about the devices we all use.

    “The most successful products are the ones that put the person first.”




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  3. Podcast 48: The Questions We Must Ask For Intentional Living with Patrick Rhone | Ashton.Gustafson

    Patrick Rhone is an author, essayist, technology consultant, husband, and father living in Saint Paul, MN. His books and blog entries seek to make the world a better, friendlier, and stronger place. I first crossed paths with Patrick via his appearance in the the Netflix documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  In this episode, Patrick gives…


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  4. Minimalism: A Conversation with Patrick Rhone, author of “ENOUGH” | Erica Boucher

    Jan 14, 2018

    I first learned of Patrick Rhone when he was among the few that were included in a documentary called Minimalism, A Documentary About The Important Things.  Patrick is also the author of the book ENOUGH.

    While I was just about to push “record” and do my own podcast on the topic, when I heard back from Patrick I decided to turn this into a conversation. And it is one I thoroughly enjoyed having. 

    Listen in as Patrick and I discuss what minimalism means to us, how to live as a minimalist (whether or not you choose to label it) when your spouse or partner is not, and the other surprising ways living with less can enhance the quality of our lives. 


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