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  1. TV Show and Tell: Alex Horne

    Listen to With guest Alex Horne from ‘Taskmaster’ from TV Show and Tell. Alex Horne, the devisor and co-presenter of ‘Taskmaster’ joins us to discuss tasks, treasure hunts, ‘Countdown’, Belgium and golf. There’s also the latest format news, ‘What We’ve Been Watching’, ‘Ask the Doctor’ and the inaugural game of ‘Fake or Format?’. Finally, Alex brings something to ‘show and tell’ us to demonstrate how he gets his ideas.

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  2. Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler

    Fleming and Chandler talk about protagonists James Bond and Philip Marlowe in this conversation between two masters of their genre. They discuss heroes and villains, the relationship between author and character and the differences between the English and American thriller. Fleming contrasts the domestic ‘tea and muffins’ school of detective story with the American private eye tradition and Chandler guides Fleming through the modus operandi of a mafia hit while marvelling at the speed with which his fellow author turns out the latest Bond adventure.

    Although readers usually associate Raymond Chandler with the mean streets of Los Angeles, the Chicago-born writer did, in fact, spend much of his early life in England. He attended Dulwich College in south-east London and later became a reporter for the Daily Express and Western Gazette newspapers before returning to the USA in 1912, aged 24.

    Originally broadcast 10 July 1958.

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  3. A Coat, a Hat and a Gun

    Harriett Gilbert presents a reappraisal of the life and legacy of the man from Upper Norwood who invented the private investigator as we know him. "I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun."

    Philip Marlowe has become the archetypal American detective anti-hero, yet his creator was educated at English public school, took the Civil Service exam and started a career in the Admiralty.

    With contributions from writer Sarah Dunant, Professor John Sutherland, David Thomson, and David Fine. Producer Rebecca Stratford.

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  4. Studs Terkel interviews Buster Keaton (1960)

    Studs Terkel had the privilege of speaking with Keaton in 1960, only six years before Keaton passed away from lung cancer. Their conversation touches on the art of making a silent film and answers such important questions as how many subtitles should a silent movie have, who should you never throw a pie at, and why does Buster never smile. He also discusses the influence of Charlie Chaplin on film and the virtues of a live audience.

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  5. A Year At The Races

    Drama by Neil Brand. Nearing the end of his career Groucho Marx meets a young star-struck fan, who also happens to be a wisecracking horse doctor.

    Starring Toby Jones as Groucho and Jenna Augen as Selma.

    —Huffduffed by Kevan

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