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  1. Chicago Humanities Festival 2014: Stephin Merritt

    We need more than two letters to define the fabulous and multi-faceted career of Stephin Merritt. Best known as the voice and songwriting talent behind The Magnetic Fields, Merritt has just penned "101 Two-Letter Words," a collection of poems for each of the 101 two-character phrases permissible in Scrabble. The book, illustrated with cartoons by the incomparable Roz Chast, is a witty resource for language aficionados and Words with Friends addicts everywhere. Along with "Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!" host Peter Sagal, Merritt joins us for an evening of wordy wonders—and maybe the largest-ever Scrabble game.

    This program was recorded on November 7, 2014 as part of the 25th Anniversary Chicago Humanities Festival, Journeys:

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  2. Song Exploder | The Magnetic Fields

    Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields takes apart the song "Andrew in Drag," and tells the story of how it was made.

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  3. Wellcome Collection podcast: Magic Manuscripts

    Magic was viewed as dangerous, irresponsible and heretical by people in the Late Middle Ages, yet some medieval people were nevertheless compelled – by curiosity, desire and need – to experiment with it. Dr Sophie Page explores what magic was, why it attracted both fascination and repulsion, and what its practice tells us about the attitudes of medieval people to their universe and the invisible and sacred forces inhabiting it.

    The mystery object unveiled during the event was ‘Miscellanea Alchemica XII’, a late-15th-century manuscript in Dutch and Latin; it is one of only three surviving manuscripts that include demonic magic. It also includes cautious notes by later readers who didn’t approve of some items in the text.

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  4. Unfiltered: Armando Iannucci

    James O’Brien meets Armando Iannucci, the man behind The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge, The Thick of It and Veep. Armando talks about his new film The Death of Stalin, working with Steve Coogan and Chris Morris, and how being a director nearly turned him into a dictator himself.

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  5. Little Atoms: Jonathan Meades

    Jonathan Meades is a writer on architecture, culture and food, a novelist and television presenter, and a longtime friend of Little Atoms. This episode, marking the release of a boxset of Jonathan’s TV work, was first broadcast in October 2008.

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  6. In Our Time: Bird Migration

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss how birds navigate and the risks and benefits of migration

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  7. Little Atoms podcast 469: John Grindrod’s Outskirts | Little Atoms

    John Grindrod grew up on “the last road in London” on Croydon’s New Addington housing estate, surrounded by the Green Belt. He is the author of Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain, described by the Independent on Sunday as “a new way of looking at modern Britain”.


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  8. Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club - The Manchurian Candidate (1962 + 2004)

    In this first episode of Slate’s Conspiracy Thrillers Movie Club, Sam Adams talks with Mark Harris, journalist and author of Five Came Back, about The Manchurian Candidate, a tale of brainwashing, war, and politics that first made it on-screen in 1962 and was then re-made in 2004, with each reflecting the crises of their time.


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  9. Little Atoms podcast 464: Natalie Haynes

    Natalie Haynes is a writer and broadcaster. She is the author of The Amber Fury, which was shortlisted for the Scottish Crime Book of the Year award, and a non-fiction book about Ancient History, The Ancient Guide to Modern Life. She has written and presented two series of the BBC Radio 4 show, Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics. In 2015, she was awarded the Classical Association Prize for her work in bringing Classics to a wider audience. Her latest novel is The Children of Jocasta.

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  10. Moby Dick - Studio 360 - WNYC

    In this Peabody Award-winning show, Kurt Andersen sets sail in search of Moby-Dick. Herman Melville’s white whale survived his battle with Captain Ahab only to surface in the works of contemporary filmmakers, painters, playwrights and musicians. Kurt Andersen explores the influence of this American icon with the help of Ray Bradbury, Tony Kushner and Frank Stella, among others.


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