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  1. The First Men in the Moon

    A chance meeting between penniless businessman Mr Bedford and absentminded scientist Dr Cavor leads the two on a fantastical journey to the moon. However, they are unprepared for what they find: freezing nights, boiling days and sinister alien life. Will they be trapped forever?

    Bedford …. Hywel Bennett Cavor …. William Rushton Wendigee …. David March Phi-oo …. Paul Rosebury Grand Lunar …. Stephen Garlick Spargus …. Malcolm Gerard Quaid …. David McAlister Dramatised by Terry James

    First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in January 1981

    —Huffduffed by Kevan

  2. The Last Broadcast

    Inspired by Orson Wells' The War of the Worlds and possibly ABC's The Day After, The Last Broadcast captures the terror of a global thermonuclear war sparked off by the invasion of Western Europe by Soviet forces. A terrifying story of the sudden escalation of force, the producers managed to capture the tension of the cold war with a collection of real advertisements from the 80s, news flashes and oldies music. This radio play was created as a class project.

    —Huffduffed by Kevan

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