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Overly idealistic geek. Interests include reading, running, science & science fiction, gaming (from pen-and-paper RPGs to boardgames to MMOs) and politics/civil liberties issues. Agnostic. Recovering libertarian.

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  1. Meet Joshua Cohen, Apple University’s resident philosopher (podcast) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

    A rare peek into the black hole where some of academia’s best and brightest disappear to make a dent in the universe.

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  2. Scripting News: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

    It’s even worse than it appears.

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  3. 252: Not with That Credit Limit

    Your browser does not support the audio element.

    We have mostly been using Reader for RSS reading but are eagerly awaiting NetNewsWire, having relied on it heavily in the past.The Apple Card is here.Remember to reject arbitration if you get one.Tim Cook met with Trump again.Top U.S. CEOs say companies should put social responsibility over profit. We’ll see if they do anything about it.The price of an TV+ subscription is rumored to be $9.99.Lex is getting an Echo Auto because of course he is.Next week’s guest host will be Lex Fridman. Not really.Our thanks to Indochino, where you’ll find the best made to measure shirts and suits at a great price. Use the promo code "REBOUND" and get any premium suit for just $359.And our thanks to LightStream. Consolidate your credit card debt with a LightStream loan featuring great interest rates and no fees. You could save thousands of dollars in interest! Get an additional rate discount by going to thanks as well to Oregon State University E-campus. Want to take the fast track to your career in technology? Earn your computer science degree online from Oregon State University E-campus and tap into unlimited career possibilities in any field. Learn more at

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  4. Podcast link - Clockwise #308: Lipstick on a Piggy Bank - Six Colors

    Six Colors by Jason Snell and Dan Moren

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  5. Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr

    Matt joined Verge reporter Julia Alexander and me on a special Vergecast interview episode to chat about the deal, how it came together, what Automattic’s plans for Tumblr look like, and whether Tumblr might become an open-source project, like Wordpress itself. (“That would be pretty cool,” said Matt.)


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  6. Accidental Clicking

    John Siracusa joins me to discuss RSI in depth, drawing on both of our experiences we look at what works, what doesn’t and why you should care. Keyboards, trackpads, trackballs, mice, chairs, we cover it all.

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  7. 48: “Automate all the things”, with special guest Simon Støvring — Swift by Sundell

    Automation enthusiast and Scriptable developer Simon Støvring joins John to

    discuss automation, scripting, and building tools. Also, app modularity,

    frameworks, and what it would take to bring automation on Apple’s platforms

    to the next level.

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  8. Remaster #76: Next Gen - Relay FM

    With Sony lifting the lid on what the next PlayStation is going to look at, we take a look at what their competitors may be doing, and then judge the rumor reporting of yesteryear.

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  9. Playing for Fun #14: Half-Life 2 - Relay FM

    Follow the Freeman.

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  10. Material #203: Apples and Oranges - Relay FM

    This week, Andy and Flo talk about the news that hit once Google I/O was all packed up and shipped out, and whether the Pixel 3a is a replacement for the Pixel 3.

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