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  1. Kingdom of the North - ESPN

    Bills gets into the NFC North with Robert Mays of the Ringer. What is going on with the Bears offense? (7:40). What to make of Aaron Rodgers’ performance (24:00), has Kirk Cousins and the Vikings turned a corner (36:00) and what to make of Stafford and the Lions (43:00)

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  2. Robert Mays - ESPN

    Bill Barnwell and The Ringer’s Robert Mays are live from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. They break down the top 25 free agents and their potential destinations.

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  3. Free Agency Superlatives - ESPN

    Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays of The Ringer talk free agency superlatives, including the biggest surprises, bargains, overpays, best fits, signings they wanted to see and much more.

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