E1057 Keith Rabois on stock market, US/China, 2020 election, IPOs, recipe for startup success & more

Founders Fund General Partner Keith Rabois on stock market bounce back, domain expertise being overrated, US/China issues, 2020 election, recipe for startups success, chaos making way for a new generation of entrepreneurs & much more!

0:56 Jason intros Keith Rabois and checks in on his quarantine, Zoom’s heightened exhaustion factor & more 5:46 What will the lasting impact of COVID be on Silicon Valley & the startup funding landscape? 8:18 How the early 2000’s dot-com bust paved way for a generation of new founders & why the PayPal mafia of outsiders thrived in chaos & became the establishment 14:23 What has happened to intellectual debate during COVID-19? What are first principle thinkers and why are they important to problem-solving? 20:53 Is domain expertise overrated? 22:39 Keith’s on his pinned tweet about his perceived recipe for startup success 26:50 In which verticals did Keith find outliers using his low-NPS/fragmented/vertical solution strategy? 32:15 History on US relationship with China, has Trump been right on China threat, should US try and bring manufacturing back from China? 44:41 China’s involvement with whistleblowers, benefits of litigation knowledge as a VC, world’s reaction to China mishandling COVID info 50:40 Has Biden been soft on China? How will that play into the 2020 elect…

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDjIrrq9-4U
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