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  1. ‎Software Engineering Daily: Metaflow: Netflix Machine Learning Platform with Savin Goyal on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Netflix runs all of its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services. This includes business logic, data infrastructure, and machine learning. By tightly coupling itself to AWS, Netflix has been able to move faster and have strong defaults about engineering decisions. And today, AWS has such an expanse of…

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  2. Alok Pattani - Google Cloud

    Alok Pattani is a Data Science Developer Advocate for Google Cloud, which

    partners with sports organizations including Major League Baseball and the

    NCAA. He is also a consultant for the Dallas Cowboys, and he was previously

    a founding member of ESPN’s sports analytics department. In this

    conversation, Alok will talk about…

    • What Google Cloud is and what he does for them

    • How Google works with MLB and the NCAA

    • BigQuery and how he uses it

    • How the volume of sports data has changed in recent years

    • What he does for the Cowboys

    • What NFL teams are doing in the analytics space and how NGS data has

    changed that

    • Advice for students looking to get into sports analytics

    • Why he chose sports and ESPN out of college

    • Developing and communicating metrics at ESPN

    • Researching LeBron James’ The Decision show at ESPN

    • How he combines his love for data with his love for ice cream

    Show links

    • Follow Alok on Twitter: @AlokPattani

    • MLB Film Room powered by Google Cloud

    • Alok’s white paper on schedule-adjusted metrics in NCAA basketball (page


    • Using BigQuery to simulate March Madness

    • Explaining ESPN’s Total QBR

    • 2011 notes on the Mavericks and Dan Crawford

    • Paul Carr’s Google presentation on effectively communicating data

    • Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream

    • Follow @TruMediaSports on Twitter

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  3. Pomp Podcast #306: Andrew Wilkinson On Building Profitable Businesses With No Funding

    This is an episode of The Pomp Podcast with host Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano and guest, Andrew Wilkinson. Andrew is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Tiny. He previously founded MetaLab, one of the world’s top design agencies. He has gone from working out of his apartment a little over a decade ago, to today overseeing a group of companies with over 300 employees and tens of millions in revenue.

    In this conversation, we discussed the no code movement, subscription business models, how to hire executives, lessons learned from acquiring so many businesses, and what the internal narratives Andrew is telling himself right now.

    You can learn more about Tiny at

    Listen and subscribe on the platform of your choice: Apple |… Spotify |… Google |…

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  4. He quit a $500K job at Amazon to work for himself – Interviewing Daniel Vassallo

    I met Daniel on Twitter. And I’m glad I did.

    He went from employed to self-employed and he teaches you how to do the same.


    Here’s where to find Daniel! ► TWITTER ● ► PRODUCTS ● ► BUILDING ●


    ► BLOG | ► PRODUCTS | ► FOLLOW ● Twitter | ► FOLLOW ● Instagram | ► SUBSCRIBE ●

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