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  1. Business of Coding: Nate Westheimer, CEO & Founder of Picturelife

    Quick Left Chief Product Officer Joe Stump, talks about the business of coding in this series of podcasts. Each week we will feature a new podcast with different industry experts that explore not only the challenges that face the technical side of business, but the business side of technology. Each all-star guest shares their own experience on the technical and nontechnical aspects of running a company and imparts tips, tools and advice for the programmer and business person.

    Nate Westheimer is the CEO and founder of In this podcast Nate talks to our CPO Joe Stump about transitioning roles from sales and business development to software engineering. Nate shares with Joe why he made the transition to engineering, what motivated him and how his experience on both sides of an organization helped him start Picturelife.

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  2. 018 – Brett Terpstra Nuke | PreservationState

    In which Philip, Christopher and Brett discuss valuing your work & creativity, the pros & cons of software bundles, attending Harvard and the temperature in Minnesota.

    “I attended Harvard” -Moze

    Harvard CS 50… Half way to 100… complete with a sense of satisfaction.

    The Google Cheetah

    There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

    Support Brett just as he supports the geek community with a monthly subscription.

    If you use Day One you really should use Slogger.

    Software Bundles

    MacHeist – Good, bad or ugly?



    Swiss modernist punk posters. Very cool.


    Don’t judge the way I enjoy an experience.


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  3. 70Decibels - CMD+SPACE - 026 - A ‘Full-Time’ Masterclass, with Shawn Blanc

    This week Myke is joined by Shawn Blanc and they discuss what goes in to taking your side business ‘Full-Time’, answering a whole host of listener questions in the process.

    Show Notes:


    • Quit!

    • Quit! #3: Are You Employed, Sir?

    • The B&B Podcast

    • CMD+SPACE 003 - Memberships and Being Classy with Shawn Blanc

    • Shawn Blanc: Fanatics

    • Shawn Blanc: True Fans

    • Shawn’s Membership (and access to Shawn Today)

    • Tools and Toys

    • Shawn Blanc: The Hidden Radio

    • Mikes On Mics Episode 49: Living with Intent with Shawn Blanc

    • The B&B Podcast #83: Listener Q&A

    • Dave Ramsey: Life & Money

    • iBank

    • Shawn’s Interview with Daniel Jalkut

    • Macdrifter: Automated FTP from Dropbox with Hazel

    • X-Surface: Don’t believe everything you read.

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  4. Timer 2.0 brings same great timers, new great expansion options |

    Timer by App Cubby launched as an inexpensive way to quickly and easily set single or multiple count-down timers on the iPhone. Since Apple’s built-in Clock app only allows for a single timer at once, Timer was well worth the $0.99 it originally cost. Recently, however, App Cubby made it free. And now they’re further upping the ante with Timer 2.0. It’s still free, but the new version comes with the option to add even more features via in-app purchase.

    I had a chance to talk to David Barnard, App Cubby’s producer, about all the work and the thought process that went into making Timer 2.0, and into how to best sell it on the App Store. If you’re interested in development and the App Store economy, it’s a must-listen:

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  5. 5by5 | The B&B Podcast #84: Tips and Tricks: Keyboard Maestro

    Tips and Tricks: Keyboard Maestro November 8, 2012 at 4:00pm • 35 minutes • Wiki Entry In an action-packed tips and tricks episode, Ben and Shawn talk about the powerhouse app that is Keyboard Maestro. They give an overview of how Keyboard Maestro works and some of the basics for using it as well as sharing many of the custom macros they use.

    Hoban Cards: elegant, hand-crafted, letterpress printed calling cards. 0:00 Download: MP3 Audio (33.1 MB)

    Show Notes & Links Presented by CacheFly Open links in a new window? AppleScript for Sending Frontmost Safari Tabs to OmniFocus — Shawn Blanc Use AppleScript to open current Safari URL in Google Chrome | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog OopsieFocus Script — Shawn Blanc Daring Fireball: Non-Top-Posting Reply Scripts for Apple Mail Keyboard Maestro 5.3.2: Work Faster with Macros for Mac OS X Hoban Cards - Custom Letterpress Printed Calling Cards

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