Open Source Warfare - JML #085 - John Robb

John Robb, author of Brave New War and the Global Guerrillas Report, joins Jack to discuss the terrifying nature of the Open Source Network war which has been unleashed as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

John and Jack cover a lot of ground in this important podcast.

Topics: - Hollowed out Nation States - 4th Generation Warfare Networks - Information War - Network Swarms - Chinese Social Credit - Corporate Fascism - Wang Huning - Complex Systems - Empathetic Triggers - Pattern matching - America vs America - Putin's Russia - Nuclear escalation - Plausible Promise - Network disruption - How to end the Russia conflict - Decentralization - Network Foco - Nonlinearity and Nuclear Weapons - Existential Risk - Brinksmanship - Strategic moral quadrant - How to distract the network? - Network disruption as victory - General Artificial Intelligence - AI as supernatural - The Long Night - What to tell your children?

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