An album in the style of The Beatles, generated by OpenAI Jukebox

This is just a fun experiment, please listen to some real Beatles songs on the streaming service of your choice, or even better - buy one of their albums.

Music generated with OpenAI Jukebox Art generated with Pytorch Style Transfer

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• What is OpenAI Jukebox? Simply put, it’s a neural net that generates music - read more about it on the official blog:

• Can I use Jukebox myself? Yes! If you have a very powerful graphics unit, you can download the program from the official Github. If you don’t, you can give Google CoLab a try -

• Is there a tutorial? Yes, I made a tutorial explaining the basics about generating samples through Google Colab. I’d also recommend checking out this site, it has some useful info towards the bottom:

• What has Jukebox been trained on? According to OpenAI, it has been trained on 1.2 million songs. Unfortunately, OpenAI has not publicly disclosed which songs are in this dataset.

• Are there full versions of these samples? No, they would have to be generated first. It would take a lo…

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