Tim Spector - Microbiome vs Genetics & The Different Diet Results

In today’s interview I get to speak with Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Director of the TwinsUK Registry, Tim Spector (MD), on how our own gut microbiome affects our response to different diets.

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Tim is very passionate about the relationship between our genes, the microbiome and health and nutrition.

Diet and nutrition are a complex issue encompassing numerous factors. How one person responds to a certain food can vary greatly to another, even with closely related individuals.

Tim’s study with identical twins really illustrates this point perfectly and sheds some light on factors that affect our health and how we respond to foods.

In previous interviews we talked about the importance the microbiome has on various aspects of our health. Today, we talk more about what the twin studies have shown and why we should be moving away from generalised advice and focus on personalised nutrition.

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