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  1. Addiction and the Neuroscience of the Brain, Part 3

    Understanding Relapse (September 28, 2012). Presented by Joseph Lunievicz, BA, RYT (Director of Training, NDRI).

    The focus of this webinar is upon helping participants understand how relapse can occur with chemically dependent drug court clients. Promoting behavior change with clients in drug court includes understanding that relapse can be part of the recovery process. This is expressed through three components of relapse prevention strategies: recognizing the warning signs of relapse; identifying triggers, and developing reinforcement strategies. Mr. Lunievicz uses the National Institution of Drug Abuse’s definition of relapse describing it as "an unfolding process in which the resumption of substance use is the last event in a long series of maladaptive responses to internal or external stressors or stimuli." Also defined is the common occurrence known as a "lapse" or "slip" — "an isolated incident of chemical use, or an isolated episode of behavior change, not immediately resulting in a return to old using patterns."

    He explains that substance abuse treatment has always had a compliance component, which is entailed in the concept of "relapse" — often caused by a participant’s lack of skill and lack of self-confidence.

    He goes on to explain the effects drugs have on…

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  2. Interview #8 - Evan Lampe - The 2nd Five

    David’s second interview with author, podcaster, blogger, and Philip K. Dick scholar Evan Lampe. Here they discuss PKD’s second five novels and the ideas that brought them to life. Plus find out which Philip K. Dick books they believe are worse than Vulcan’s Hammer.

    Philip K. Dick and the World We Live In Paperback by Evan Lampe is available at: Wide Books - wide-books.com/index.html Amazon - www.amazon.com/Philip-K-Dick-Wor…ywords=evan+lampe American Writers (One Hundred Pages at a Time) - https://hundredpages.podbean.com/

    Music on this episode is from - Valis: An Opera by Tod Machover Check it out here: www.amazon.com/Valis-ANNE-BOGDEN…EMA/dp/B000003GI2

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    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/dickheadspodcast/interview-8-evan-lampe-the-2nd-five
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  3. PodcastOne: The Jack Dorsey Podcast: Advanced Stress Mitigation Tactics, Extreme Time-Saving Workouts, DIY Cold Tubs, Hormesis, One-Meal-A-Day & More.

    Jack Dorsey dropped out of college to start Twitter, and is now a billionaire businessman. He is the CEO of Twitter, CEO & Chairman of Square, and a co-founder of both. But what most people don’t know about Jack is his keen interest in all things fitness, nutrition and health. So in today’s episode we dive into Jack’s daily routine, diet, stress management strategies, workout and fitness habits, and much more. In this interview, you’ll discover… -The 3 core ways Jack handles the tremendous amount of stress he deals with in his life and work…6:45

    Vipassana meditation (10:10)

    10 day ‘retreat’ No reading, writing, devices No talking, no eye contact 2 meals a day; wake at 4; meditate 4:30 am thru 9 pm Vegetarian diet; can’t eat after noon Primary objective: Being in control of your reactions

    Exercise and sleep (16:53)

    Walk 5 miles to work (in 1 hour 15 minutes) Listen to podcasts, audio books Walk in the sun Work from home Tuesday and Thursday 1-3 iterations of the 7-Minute Workout every day

    Seven workout app VT Body Weight app

    Tabata sets on a stationary bike Hyperwear Vest Book: Body by Science by Doug McGuff and John R. Little Sauna and cold

    Clearlight Sauna Barrel sauna and ice bath Near infrared sauna (Sauna Space) ‘Nothing has given me mental confidence like going from room temperature into the cold.’ No more hot showers

    Jack prefers walking over running: more predictable, less stress on the body

    Diet (35:56)

    The only supplement Jack takes is a multivitamin and lots of Vitamin C Learn to make your own medicine (meditation, sleep, etc.) before delving into supplements Technology is a ‘crutch’ Jack was vegan for 2 years

    Didn’t understand the diet Mom told him he was ‘orange’ - way too much beta kerotene

    Switched to paleo diet for one year Listened to lots of Wim Hof podcasts (2 years ago)

    One meal per day: 6:30-8:30 Drink red wine 28 oz. of water in the morning Drink water all day long Take vitamin with dinner Protein, greens, mixed berries and dark chocolate for dessert Eat at home as much as possible

    -Other facets of Jack’s health and fitness regimen…49:45

    Self-quantification: Oura Ring Fast Friday evening thru Sunday evening Hormesis; autophagy based Desires to do a Spartan race someday Pros and cons of working out with other people My podcast on free diving Jack was extremely shy as a kid

    Took a speech class; improv and speak on a topic you know nothing about Pushed him out of his comfort zone

    Journaling since age 14 - end of day

    And much more… Resources from this episode: -Jack’s twitter account -New York Times Seven Minute Workout -‘Seven’ Workout App -‘VT’ Bodyweight App -Hyperwear Vest -Book: Body By Science by Doug McGuff and John R. Little -Infrared sauna - Use code BEN for $500 off -Ben’s article on how to build your own cold tub -Athletic Greens -Ben’s podcast on ‘Ancestral Wisdom vs. Modern Science’ -Ben’s podcast with Ray Cronise -My podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines in which we discuss ‘one-meal-a-day’ -The Oura ring - Use Greenfieldoura for $50 off -My podcast with Ted Harty on freediving Episode Sponsors: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount ‘bgf10’. https://getkion.com  -JOOVV: After using the Joovv for close to 3 years, it’s the only light therapy device I’d ever recommend. Give it a try: you won’t be disappointed. Order using my link and receive nice bonus gift with your order! joovv.com/ben -State and Liberty: Whether you’re sitting in an office, traveling for work, or looking to dress it down, these are the best possible dress shirts from style, to fit to comfort. Type in discount code ‘BEN’ to get 10% off your first order, or head to one of our store locations in New York City, Boston, or Chicago and mention this podcast to get 10% off your order! stateandliberty.com  Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Jack or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!  


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  4. PodcastOne: 32 Ways to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve, Fine-Tune Your Nervous System & Self-Hack Your Hormones.

    When it comes to your hormone balance, your sleep, your mood, your gut function, your physical performance, your cognitive power and nearly every other body and brain variable you want to optimize, nothing beats addressing the health of your vagus nerve. In Podcast #341, I talk a bit about how to enhance your vagus nerve tone and ‘hack’ your nervous system, but I really only scratched the surface of everything you can do to care for and enhance this incredibly important nerve. So in today’s podcast, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about your vagus nerve and how to properly care for it. If you implement the tips in this episode, I guarantee you will be shocked at the results and effects on stress and heart rate variability, mental horsepower, physical performance, recovery, digestion, hormone balance, libido and much more. My guest on this episode is Joseph Cohen. Joe is the owner and main writer at SelfHacked.com. Since upgrading or ‘biohacking’ himself, Joe has become an investor and entrepreneur, founding SelfDecode, a biotech company that helps people understand their genetics in order to optimize their health. SelfDecode will use genetics, blood tests, symptoms and other health data to predict beneficial outcomes for drugs, supplements, lifestyle and dietary changes in order to optimize health. Joe also consults with high profile executives, self-hackers and companies and is writing a book about optimizing health. Joe likes to spend his free time learning how to code. During our discussion, you’ll discover: -Why Joe was, at one point, unemployable…[5:45] -What the vagus nerve is and how it drastically affects health or disease various organs…[11:50 & 16:45] -The nitty gritty science…how does the vagus nerve work exactly…[14:30] -The best way to check your vagus nerve function…[43:15] -Free and easy things you can do increase the health of our vagus nerve…[31:30] -The best sleeping position for the vagus nerve…[44:15] -Top foods and eating strategies hat help your vagus nerve…[35:30] -Joe’s top piece of biohacking gear for the vagus nerve…[37:20] -The three supplements for the vagus nerve…[41:20] -And much more! Resources from this episode: -32 Ways To Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve article -Podcast #341 on ‘How To Hack Your Nervous System’ -Alan Aragon’s Research Review -Perry Marshal book - Evolution 2.0 Breaking Deadlock Between Darwin & Design -Huperzine (club moss) -Galantamine nootropic herbs -Fish oil -Quick coherence technique video -ICES PEMF device -RS6330 genetic snip for vagus nerve health Do you have questions, comments or feedback for Joe or me? Leave your thoughts at

    BenGreenfieldFitness.com and one of us will reply!


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  5. Winston Churchill - Their Finest Hour Speech - Complete

    Since no one has uploaded the full Finest Hour speech, here is the entire 30 minute long speech. Well worth a listen.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB5wZtV1MWM
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  6. Dr. Berg’s STRESS Webinar: Rid Stress & Sleep Like a Baby!

    Dr. Berg’s Massage Tool (10% Off): http://bit.ly/Massage-Tool-1 or the Complete Stress Kit: http://bit.ly/stress-kit-cart

    Dr. Berg does his Stress Webinar to teach you how to rid body stress. Our bodies are like sponges of stress as over time it accumulates more and more stress. Dr. Berg takes you step by step through the techniques on how to extract stress (neck, back, adrenals and upper chest). This will help you sleep and rest deeply. The adrenals are the glands that control stress and either increase or decrease cortisol in response to stress.

    Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The New Body Type Guides, published by KB Publishing in January 2017. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been a past member of the Endocrinology Society, and has taught s…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueI10TQbQYY
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  7. ArtOfMoney Jim Collins Hedgehog Concept

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy6KpHRvFNc
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  8. 10 Life Hacks from “Essentialism” (Book Summary) | Sloww

    Original video: https://www.sloww.co/essentialism-book/
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  9. Jenny Odell – How to do nothing | The Conference 2017

    Doing nothing is not a luxury, it’s a ground for meaningful thoughts."

    Digital artist and collector Jenny Odell talks about how work life shifted from an 8 hour workday into an always on approach. In this opening keynote, visual artist Jenny Odell will explore the architecture, politics, and rewards of nothing, arguing that the cultivation of nothing has new salience in the age of everything.

    She wants us to reclaim the public spaces such as parks and libraries for personal reflection and restoration. Jenny believes time and places for the practice and art of doing nothing are crucial to uncover underlying problems and to understand yourself. She regularly spends time in a nearby rose garden for observational activities such as bird watching and doing nothing to discover what unfolds from her inner journey and peace in mind.


    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNRqswoCVcM
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  10. Essentialism Greg McKeown Audiobook

    The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUrPTYi2BMI
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