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  1. Rick Roderick on Kant and the Path to Enlightenment [full length]

    This video is 3rd in the 8-part lecture series Philosophy and Human Values (1990).

    Thanks to rickroderick.org for making this available. I'm merely interested in redistributing to anyone who might enjoy and benefit.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-JW4X6QpPk
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  2. WTF - J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) is from Amherst

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    Full episode out 11/26

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  3. It Works Like Magic! 5 Minutes After You Wake Up | Joe Dispenza

    Dr. Joe Dispenza scientifically breaks down the literal impact our mindset has on our biology and energetic fingerprint. Dr. Dispenza has the data, and can deconstruct the mystical in such a rational and scientific way that it makes it hard to remain a skeptic.

    By explaining how to achieve gratitude in life and how the placebo effect and alternative medicine play such a larger role than is popularly believed, Dispenza lays down the facts about a range of topics spanning guided meditation, assuming responsibility, & finding purpose in life. So jump in with me and open your mind to what is possible. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— About Joe :

    Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, New York Times bestselling author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 33 countries on 6 continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

    You can find more of Dr. Joe Dispenza's work here: https://drjoedispenza.com https://youtube.com/user/drjoedispenza https://www.instagram.com/drjoedispenza

    #Drjoedispenza #visualization #Lawofattraction ———————————————————-…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u-GoA4k5tU
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  4. When Life Falls Apart, Does it Actually Fall Into Place? | A Buddhist Story

    When we’re hanging onto a root that’s chewed away by mice with a hungry snake below and an even hungrier tiger above us, what can we possibly do to get out of this situation? What is the best course of action when there seems to be no way out? When life falls apart, we might want to remember that everything changes all the time. Like night turns into day, bad fortune turns into good fortune, and a curse turns into a blessing. So, could it be that, eventually, life doesn’t fall apart but… into place?

    This video is based on a Buddhist story, that I originally heard from a Buddhist monk named Ajahn Brahm. You can find the original dhamma talk here: https://youtu.be/Pe4gks2rAGg

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  5. Viktor Frankl: Self-Actualization is not the goal

    In one of his final television interviews Viennese psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, author of "Man's Search for Meaning" explains how Logotherapy's concepts of meaning and self-transcendence contrast the deterministic views of modern psychotherapy. Suffering from macular degeneration, a severe eye condition which left him virtually blind in his later years, Frankl wore sunglasses to protect his eyes from bright studio lights.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL8DyVusLeE
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  6. What Should We Maximise? Peter Singer on Utilitarianism

    Consequentialists hold that the right action is the one that brings about the best consequences. Some non-consequentialists also hold that, when choosing between actions that do not violate any non-consequentialist constraints, we should do what will bring about the best consequences, and other non-consequentialists hold that good consequences can sometimes outweigh non-consequentialist considerations. So on many ethical theories, it is important to decide what consequences are best. The answers offered to this question fall into three main categories. The classical utilitarians were hedonists, holding that “best consequences” means the greatest possible surplus of pleasure over pain. Preference utilitarians argue that the best consequences are those that do most to satisfy, on balance, the preferences of all those affected by our action. Pluralist consequentialists hold that there are several intrinsic values, not only pleasure or happiness, but also such things as knowledge, truth, beauty, freedom, equality and justice. In this talk, Peter Singer discusses some of the considerations for and against each of these positions. This was given at Oxford in 2017 as part of a seminar in moral philosophy.

    #Philosophy #Ethics

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaGC_i1N2JI
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  7. 11 Stoic Secrets To Better Habits

    Small adjustments, good systems, the right processes—that’s what it takes.

    The Stoics had a word, arete, which was the ultimate expression of human greatness—moral, physical, spiritual. It’s what the Stoics were chasing. It’s what you’re chasing today. Here are some Stoic secrets to better habits that Ryan Holiday is taking in the new year.

    But how do we get there? Well, it requires a certain philosophical approach. Because brilliance and inspiration and skill are not enough. 

    Excellence isn’t this thing you do one time. It’s a way of living. It’s fundamental. It’s like an operating system and the code this system operates on is habit. As you stare down the barrel of a new year, the question is: if you aren’t going to cultivate good habits now, when will you?

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    00:00 Intro 00:56 1. Think small 02:00 2. Join a program 02:33 3. Decide who you want to be 03:42 4. Create a routine 04:38 5. Lay out your supplies 05:26 6. Associate with people who make you better 06:28 7. Develop…

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  8. Steve Sims – Be You, Be Clear and They Will Come: Straight-Up Marketing Advice (#60)

    “Here’s the funny thing: when I ask someone to tell me what his or her wildest dream is, they dilute it. Ten times out of ten, people sell themselves short” - Steve Sims

    Our guest on the podcast today should never have been able to succeed in business or in life. Growing up as a bricklayer in London, England, all the odds were against him achieving the kind of outlandish success he’s been able to claim so far, but it’s clear that the universe didn’t expect someone with Steve Sims’ heart, ingenuity, and initiative to appear and to turn traditional forms of networking on their heads.

    I first came across Steve Sims in his absurdly motivating book, Bluefishing, which tells the story of his company that makes seemingly unreasonable requests come true. The company is called Bluefish, and they’re who you call if you want to sing on stage with Journey, eat dinner in front of Michelangelo’s David, or visit the undersea wreckage of the Titanic. He’s orchestrated all of these experiences for his clients and many more besides.

    Steve is just an absolute magician when it comes to making the impossible possible, so listen to today’s episode if you’re open to receiving a ton of inspiration to get out there and make big things happen.

    He teaches that there is a password for every door, a weak spot in every wa…

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