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    012: growing the VMware kernel and threatening influencers

    December 4, 2014


    In this week’s show, Hans and Marc are finally joined again by our prodigal son Rick Vanover (aka The Rickatron) whom we seem to have lost since episode 5! In the mean time we are missing Nigel who is trying to find a captain and crew for his containerships at HP Discover in Barcelona and Gabriel is doing a dog and pony show which is probably not a metaphor in his case.

    There was a lot of related and unrelated news this week in the datacenter technology realm. First of all we got back to the rants on public clouds going titsup. But we also had good news of Google being certified by the PCI (Payment Card Industry).

    In the VMware ecosystem the most important news fact was EMC shoving ScaleIO in a future release of the ESXi kernel (link, French). The federation proves to be strong again. note: there also was NetApp announcing some EVO:RAIL stuff but we’ll cover that next week.

    From the Open Source community we noticed that CoreOS, a main contributor to Docker has announced their own container technology called Rocket. And SUSE announced a distributed storage layer in their distribution build on CEPH.

    Good news in the startup market where Kaminario adds a $53mln round but did make some booboos in their messaging. note: the remarks we talk about are not specific in the press release but are quotes in the article on The Register and Gigagom.

    Lastly we have some good and very bad news in the influencer community. One of our friends, Enrico Signoretti, was threatened by the CEO of NimbusData which is NOT OK! But the better news was another friend in the community, Amy Lewis is shifting roles to become the director of influencer marketing at SolidFire. We all agreed that SolidFire did a major hire there! God speed

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