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  1. Podcast: Getting Paid and Collecting Receivables | Divorce Discourse

    You’ve got a problem. You’re billing and not collecting. You’re working for free. That’s not good.

    In today’s podcast we talk about solving the problem. First, we attack the new clients and get them started on the right track. Then we work on the existing clients and get them sorted. Finally, we resolve the outstanding receivables from the old clients.

    None of this is easy. None of this is why we became lawyers. All of it, however, is a reality of doing business. Getting paid is essential if a law practice is going to survive and thrive.

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  2. Podcast: Top 10 Website Mistakes

    What is it about your website that annoys your visitors? Today, we put ourselves in the shoes of website visitors and consider what they see when they visit your site. Are they getting what they came for? Are they finding what they need? Are your website visitors likely to move forward and hire you, or …


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