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    How to plan for and take an effective vacation.

    You get vacation days, but often taking them is fraught with concerns about balls being dropped.  You end up spending half your time on vacation doing email and dialing into conference calls.  There's family tension.  Nobody's happy.

    There's a better way.

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  2. Emma Straub Takes Us on Vacation | The Dinner Party Download

    May 23, 2014Eavesdropping

    Emma Straub Takes Us on Vacation

    "The Vacationers" is the second novel from author Emma Straub. It takes place over a vacation where one family comes together and falls apart. Her previous books, "Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures" and "Other People We Married" met much success, her stories and essays have appeared in publications including The Paris Review and Vogue, and she is a staff writer for Rookie Magazine.






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  3. A Good IT Person Needs To Be Half Technologist, Half Psychologist : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Your doctor and lawyer may know a lot about you. But in a time when we are using computers to socialize, keep track of finances, do work and store family photos your IT person probably knows more.

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  4. A Holiday Challenge | The Weekly Briefly

    This is the last episode until after Christmas, and so I wanted to give a challenge for everyone heading in to the holiday time off.

    Rest well.

    It’s easier said than done, to be sure. But wouldn’t it be awesome to come back from your Christmas vacation with energy and motivation to do your best creative work? Wouldn’t it be awesome to come back feeling fueled up instead of tired and worn out?

    Here are a few ideas for how to rest well (and I’m not just talking about taking long naps):

    It’s okay to be alone for a bit every day. It can be exhausting being around our entire family for days and days on end.

    Read a real book.

    Don’t check Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Email — I dare you to go a whole day, let alone the whole week.

    To keep your mind and creative juices flowing, come up with 5 ideas every day — but don’t worry about actually acting on them. Just exercise your brain.

    Go on a photo walk.

    Take lots of family portraits and pictures, but don’t Instagram them right away.

    Ask your spouse for the thing that is most important for them to do during the vacation, and then make it your first priority to help that happen.

    Ask one of your family members questions that will lead to more meaningful conversations. Such as asking about what is most challenging or most exciting to them right now.

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  5. Being your Own Life Coach | John Muldoon | TEDxShanghaiAmericanSchoolPuxi

    John Muldoon talks about the importance of being honest with yourself and practicing metacognition through the context of growing up with family problems and some emotional issues. John Muldoon, originally from the US, has been a teacher/administrator for the last 10 years and is now the principal at Shanghai American School Puxi. John loves spending time outdoors and spending time with his family and friends. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  6. Do You Feel More Like Gods? (S3: E1) — Anxious Machine

    This past week, my kids went back to school. Summer vacation has come and gone. And that’s gotten me thinking about the very idea of summer vacation because every summer, for the past several years, my wife, her sisters and our families have had this tradition of going to a cabin for a few days to get out of the city. We don't own a cabin, so we have to rent one. And this year, the process of finding it, looking at pictures of all the possible cabins on all the possible lakes, made me wonder about this particular, middle-class American ritual of going into the wilderness for vacation, where that ritual came from, and what it says about our relationship to modern life.

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