Social Data Research!

I’m on countless social platforms including a couple I’m probably not the core demographic for, to put it lightly… (wassup TikTok 😂) Recently, I’ve been wondering - what’s the current state of Social UX and Market Research?

What insights can we glean from “peeking” into people’s online social lives? How does this type of research fit into the broader research strategy? And how can we conduct social research in an ethical way that respects and protects people’s privacy?

I’m glad to invite Yael Oppenheim for a conversation about this! Yael is a UX & Market Researcher not to mention she’s a founder as well! She designs, leads, and executes research projects that help organizations identify their customers’ needs, motivations, and understand their competitive landscape. She specializes in utilizing social analytics for market intelligence and user research, applying mixed methods in a variety of fields.

She’s also the founder of FitMyTime - a platform for remote personal fitness and yoga classes. Their mission is to enable people to exercise with a personal trainer from the comfort of their home - anywhere, anytime. For instructors, they offer a simple and effective way to expand their work opportunities, so they can focus on what they love to do. Seems pretty relevant for this day and age!

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