Transitioning to UX Research & Growing as a UX Researcher

It’s a special weekend edition of UXR Conversations! And this time, we’ll be talking all about transitioning into a UX Research career and growing as a researcher.

If you’re reflecting on your career right now and contemplating a change, or wondering about how you can learn, develop, and grow as a UX Researcher - don’t miss this episode.

The perfect person to speak to about this topic is Paul Derby, so I’m delighted he’s joining me in the studio! Paul is a fellow psychologist by training, who has since worked as a researcher for well over a decade at places including Honeywell, Facebook, and these days the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.

Paul manages a team of UX researchers and leads the ResearchOps function within CZI’s Education Initiative. But wait - there’s more… Because Paul is also a career coach! He works with his clients to help them find fulfillment in their career, shift the perspectives that don’t serve them and bring awareness to the importance of “being”, which in turn helps them craft their narrative, build their portfolio, and interview for new roles.

We’re going to DIVE DEEP into professional and personal transformations, the mindset and perspectives that drive growth and fulfillment, making a positive impact in the world and so much more!

We’d love for you to join us and send…

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