Research Meets Decision Making

Guess what?! Today, 7 pm (PST), it’s another UXR Conversation!

This time, I’m delighted to host Christina Scavuzzo, Senior UX Researcher @ Chime. Like many people who find themselves asking questions professionally, she took an iterative path to design research. From neuroscience to electric cars, to healthcare and education tech, it seems the common thread has been decision making, perspective, and how to design experiences navigating complex systems. She recently joined Chime, to work on making the banking system less of a tangled mess.

We’re going to talk about decision making and the importance of guiding and educating users. How can research inform the curation and personalization of the choices presented to users as a way to mitigate friction and frustration - especially when it comes to decisions around healthcare, finances?

We’d love for you to join us and send us your comments and questions!

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