Building A UX Community

I’m not sure what this channel is quite yet, but I DO know I want to help our UX community grow and thrive through more conversation, more information, and more inspiration.

When it comes to building communities, few people have inspired ME more than Alec Levin. He’s the CEO & Co-Founder of UXR Collective and he may be the PERFECT person to talk to about this stuff.

Join us for a conversation about everything from what it takes to create an incredible UXR community, learnings from organizing the best UXR conference in the world, and maybe even some thoughts on the best recipes for rice (it’s a long story).

Got any questions or want to join a future conversation?

Alec’s is @al_clevin on Twitter and on Linkedin UXR Collective is @UXRCollective on Twitter Check out the best UXR Conference (seriously) right here:

Noam Segal is available at: @noamseg on Twitter

Thanks to Alec for a terrific conversation!

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