Lifespan Discussion with Dr. David Sinclair

Three years ago, Dr. Sinclair published his book Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To. Lifespan has remained a very popular read over the years, and based on the hundreds of thoughtful questions we received, Dr. Sinclair’s fans are very familiar with his research, book, and podcast. In this Q&A session with Dr. Sinclair, we dive into a few of the most commonly asked questions from our listeners.

1:15 - Intermittent fasting:- who is it for, who is it not for, and which blood biomarkers indicate it is right for you?

4:22 - Which specific biomarkers do you track over time for longevity?

7:28 - How are Resveratrol supplements associated with the aging process?

9:55 - Is it possible to participate in endurance events while also pursuing longevity?

11:45 - One of the most exciting things about science is that it is ever evolving. Since writing Lifespan, have you found new longevity insights that will be featured in your next book?

13:35 - What is the future of epigenetic reprogramming?

16:27 What’s the relationship between metformin and homocysteine levels?

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