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  1. UMass Law — The First Amendment and Big Tech Censorship

    The First Amendment and Big Tech Censorship: A Conversation with UMass Law Associate Dean Shaun Spencer and UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh, presented by the UMass Law Federalist Society on April 14, 2021.

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  2. #303: A World Without Email, with Cal Newport - Afford Anything

    Wouldn’t it be nice if our inbox magically managed itself? Let’s go a step further. What if we could live in a world without email? Email overload takes a real toll on us - on our workflow, and on our brains. A study conducted by RescueTime found that most workers can’t go six minutes without checking email. That, combined with how inefficient we become when switching tasks, creates a gigantic loss of productivity during our workday. Joke’s on you! I don’t use email. I use Slack instead. Ha! Slack isn’t any better than email. Any platform that allows for endless


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  3. #276: Cut the Fluff and Become a Digital Minimalist, with Dr. Cal Newport - Afford Anything

    Have you found yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds over the last few months? Have you also found yourself in a state of sadness, anxiety, or aggravation afterwards? We live in an increasingly noisy world. A world in which many of us use social media, or the internet in general, to escape. But our escapes often leave us feeling empty and annoyed at ourselves for wasting several hours of precious time. Here’s one possible remedy for this tiring, relentless cycle: embrace the philosophy of digital minimalism.             Okay, I’m in. But…what’s digital minimalism?  Digital minimalism is a term coined


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  4. Meir Soloveichik: The Haggadah—A Political Classic Ep. 2: Children and Continuity

    A free, 8-part audio course / Passover 2020 The most widely read, beloved, and perplexing book of the Jewish tradition is the Passover Haggadah. It is also a serious work of Jewish political philosophy. This Passover, Tikvah brings you a free audio course from Rabbi Meir Soloveichik, exploring the social, civic, and political teachings of the Haggadah. He will show how every prayer, passage, symbol, and song aims to describe and preserve the Jewish understanding of the good society, and why the festival of freedom is so central to understanding what Judaism stands for in every generation.

    Episode 2: One of the strangest facts about the Haggadah is that in telling the story of the Exodus, it doesn’t mention Moses. Rabbi Soloveichik explains how the rabbis sought to honor Moses not as leader, but as teacher, and how this helps us understand why children are the focus of the Seder.


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  5. The Parent-Led Challenge to Critical Race Theory

    On his first day in office, President Biden reversed former President Trump’s Executive Order prohibiting trainings rooted in critical race theory. Many on the left praised the move as a step towards racial healing, and accused critics—even those on the left—of bigotry. However, critical race theory, which takes aim at color blindness and American capitalism and treats all disparities as systemic, warrants a debate on its merits.

    Critical race theory has gradually crept into the administrations of universities, government agencies, and private workplaces. For many Americans, its introduction into K–12 education—both public and private—was a wake-up call about the spread of the ideology. Parents in particular fear the dissemination of illiberal ideas to their children under the guise of “equity”, and have begun to band together to challenge the movement at the state level.

    On February 18, join Manhattan Institute fellow Coleman Hughes as he moderates a discussion with City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo and Emanuel S. Heller Professor of Law John Yoo on the legal landscape for those invested in the opposition, and what the legal battle may look like in the future.

    Links from the discussion

    The Truth About Critical Race Theory, Chris Rufo: https://www.manhattan-institute.org/the-truth-a

    Original video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=mKah3ngmieQ
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  6. The Case for Trump: Victor Davis Hanson Makes The Closing Argument – Ricochet

    With a little over three weeks to go before the election, we thought it would a good time to have a heart to heart discussion with our good friend Victor Davis Hanson. the Classics professor, the military historian, the farmer, the cultural observer, and the author of The Case For Trump, his best selling book that came […]


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  7. ASCE Career Path Series: Session 1 “Finding a Career Path That Suits You”

    July 21, 2020, SEI President Glenn Bell and Dr. Judith Mitrani-Reiser had a live presentation followed by live Q&A on helping you to find your career path in…

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