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  1. Embedded Player : NPR

    In 1997, Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick was deployed in Southeast Asia, where he was stationed in a remote warehouse for weeks with no way to exercise. So he grabbed an old jujitsu belt, threw it over a door, and started doing pull-ups. Today, TRX exercise straps dangle from the ceiling in gyms across the country and are standard workout gear for professional athletes. PLUS in our postscript "How You Built That," how Whitney Sokol created SproutFit — adjustable onesies and leggings that grow with your baby.


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  2. Is Gerrymandering The Best Way To Make Sure Black Voters Are Represented? | FiveThirtyEight

    At first glance, few things scream “gerrymander” like splitting the country’s largest historically black university in two. That’s what happened at North Caroli…


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  3. Longform Podcast #254: Maggie Haberman · Longform

    Maggie Haberman covers the White House for The New York Times. “If I start thinking about it, then I’m not going to be able to just keep doing my job. I’m being as honest as I can — I try not to think about it. If you’re flying a plane and you think


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  4. Reconcilable Differences #57: Losing my Stormtrooper - Relay FM

    This week’s main topic is "Taking Care of Things."


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  5. Fits + Starts: 18: Eventually it sucks less (with Merlin Mann)

    Merlin stops by to talk about finding a job that fits you, prototyping your future, and manufacturing care. Then we have a lot of rapid fire questions for him.


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  6. Canvas #34: Password Managers - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico look at another aspect of personal security on iOS: password managers.


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  7. H.I. #3: Four Light Bulbs — Hello Internet

    Brady & Grey talk work / life balance.


    Squarespace makes it fast and easy to create your website. Use code HELLOINTERNET for 10% off.


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  8. #71 — What Is Technology Doing to Us? — Waking Up with Sam Harris — Overcast

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  9. H.I. #4: Feedback on Feedback — Hello Internet

    Grey & Brady talk about the show going live and the nature of feedback.


    Audible.com: Get a FREE audiobook and 30-day trial today by signing up at www.audible.com/hellointernet


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  10. #271 Reece Roper, Five Iron Frenzy

    Singer of long-time Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy, Reece joins us to reflect on the early days of touring and their Kickstarter success, discusses how the ska band Less than Jake acted more Christ-like than most Christian bands, and goes a bit into how the church is warped politically. Toby will start going to church again only if it’s a church he started, his family views his podcasting and music career as great jokes and Joey’s son thinks theirs a penis in his dad’s mouth. And in the Damn News, evangelizing in strip clubs. 

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