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  2. Nintendo 69 - The Best of the First 69 Episodes of Filthy Casuals


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  3. SmashingConf LA 2015: Andrew Clarke on “Creativity Over Predictability”

    “Our industry has matured into something that’s very different from the almost joyfully naive, creative designer’s playground that it was when I started. While we focus our thoughts onto processes, methods and mechanics, instead of ideas, we’re losing the creative ‘soul’ of our work. I’m hopeful that all’s not lost and that we can make work that’s memorable if we focus as much on creativity as we do on implementation.”

    Original video: https://vimeo.com/128676001
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  4. Mac Power Users #255: Photos.app and Photo Management - Relay FM

    David and Katie dive deep on Apple’s new Photos.app for the Mac and discuss how this changes workflows for photo management


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  5. Mac Power Users #257: Workflows with Merlin Mann: Episode VI - Relay FM

    Merlin Mann returns for his annual visit to Mac Power Users. We discuss hardware and software updates and if it’s necessary to keep up the latest and greatest, Merlin’s growing use of iOS over Mac OS, and kids and technology use.


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  6. Mac Power Users #254: Reviewing GTD with David Allen - Relay FM

    David Allen returns to Mac Power Users to chat with Katie and David about the re-release of his book Getting Things Done and discuss the philosophy and science behind GTD.


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  7. Full Stack Radio - Taylor Otwell

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  8. How I Became an Independent Podcaster

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  9. 2 Experts Share Exactly How to Use a Productivity Journal (& Increase Productivity by 23%) FS099

    First of all: Christopher Walken performs the intro for the show this week. If that’s not enough for you, how about this: I rolled my eyes at the ide


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  10. 14: Taylor Otwell - Building Envoyer, Laravel 5.1 and Learning to Program


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