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  1. Steve Townshend on Adventure Design Podcast — Critical Hits

    Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Steve Townshend, freelance WotC designer and trained actor, discuss the ins and outs of great adventure design in this most recent Critical Hits podcast. Listen in as Steve gives his three top tips for good adventure design, discusses how to draw players into the story, gives ideas on making your players love your NPCs, and discusses improvisation tips for being an active storyteller at your table.

    Steve Townshend on Adventure Design (67 minutes, 69 MB)

    [Download MP3 Version | Podcast Feed | iTunes Link]

    Steve’s work:

    Heroes of the Feywild

    Madness at Gardmore Abbey

    Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentyr Vale

    Monster Manual 3

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  2. Direct Link



    With Special Guest MERLIN MANN

    Dearest Listeners,

    The Faculty and Staff of The Chapter Titles Were So Good insists that you acknowledge TCTWSG: THE MOVIE: THE PRI3NER OF A3KABAN. This nominally “special” film discussion has been forged in the flames of the love we bear for our Patreon supporters. If you would like to burn alongside them (burn like in our hearts, not burn like dying), you can do so by clicking here.

    In which Buckbeak is a very gifted horse, and Dumbledore just plays it off legit.

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    You may also wish to peruse our discussions of the first and fourth movies.

    You can follow Merlin on Twitter or Tumblr.

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    Harry Potter, Podcast, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Merlin Mann,


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  3. Episode 76: Merlin Mann | Circulating Ideas

    Steve chats with Merlin Mann about his history with libraries, the importance of the library as a community space, why libraries aren't dead, and checking in with the Library Elf. Merlin Mann is an independent writer, speaker, and broadcaster based in San Francisco. Merlin created 43 Folders, co-hosts Back to Work, Roderick on the Line, and Reconcilable Differences (and appears on…


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  4. 143: Love Actuarilly with Eddie Smith

    An episode about brainstorming and notetaking? It seems like it was meant

    to be. Eddie Smith shares how mind mapping and other tools work into his

    daily life, at work, and at play.

    Brought to you by

    • App Camp For Girls 3.0: Their IndieGoGo campaign ends at 11:59pm July

    1st 2015. Help them meet their funding goal to help build a better

    foundation for women in tech.


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  5. Episode 041 — Belafonte and Spring Cleaning — Nerds on Draft

    Jeff and Gabe talk about how important it is to revisit your messes on a yearly basis.

    Is it a good idea to hang onto boxes of books in your attic for years and never open them?

    Do we really need to keep the tour postcard for R.E.M.'s Reckoning Tour from the early 80's?

    This is a seriously weird look into the minds of the hosts, as evidenced in Gabe's show notes listed below (Jeff scribbled his into a Field Notes and are illegible).

    The hosts somehow manage to do all of this talking while sipping a superb Belafonte by Night Shift Brewing.

    Belafonte by Night Shift Brewing

    Brewery BeerAdvocate

    Gabe's Show Notes for "The Big Spring Clean-out"


    If you don't use it do you need it?

    There's a real sense of loss to disposal

    What if I need it?


    What's that space worth?

    How much is inconvenience worth?

    More stuff means it's harder to find anything

    Some things are worth keeping. Most are not

    General purpose tools are good

    "It's worth money"

    Not in your attic

    Merlin Mann

    Do you treat it like it's worth money?

    If it's not worth your time, how much is it worth?

    Boxes from previous moves

    Guess I didn't really need that stuff


    Get a dumpster


    Short duration

    So great to just get rid of junk

    Task Rabbit for help https://support.taskrabbit.com/

    Donation pick ups

    I always say I'll sell it on ebay but I hate ebay

    Why Spring?

    Some crap about "renewal"

    Because it's hard to work outside with 8' of snow


    Old manuals



    Computer boxes




    I store them for resell and repair

    Rarely NEED them


    Getting off of my Dropbox dependency

    The Documents folder is evil

    The Downloads folder is where demons live

    Use Daisy Disk


    Get the media off of your Mac

    Makes apps like Alfred and LaunchBar better

    Limit searching to stuff that's relevant

    Stuff like DEVONthink is great

    If you use Evernote, consider how well search works with all of that stuff


    The Beast

    I have an attic in my garage. That's bad.

    Old paint cans are hard

    Krudd Kutter solidifier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqPKRyxnDAM

    Our disposal center is open 8 days A YEAR

    Garden tools

    Did you use them?

    Are they fully functional

    Dull shears

    Will you sharpen them?

    Broken shovels


    Aspirational clothes

    Take the money you save by not eating and buy new clothes


    I only need 3-4 pair


    gym shoes





    How many colanders does a family really need

    Recycle that plastic wear that looks like a fusion reaction was run in it.

    Freezers are a pain

    Very hard to track

    Sharpie rubs off eventually

    Write INSIDE of bag

    Most things over

    a year old are going to taste it

    Brewing supplies

    Kid's dishes

    How many coffee cups have you ever used at once?

    Come to terms with the "I just don't want to wash dishes" syndrome

    Attics and Basements

    The Dream Catcher of our lives

    Out of sight out of mind

    It's a good training ground for getting rid of crap

    Put it in the attic

    If it's still there next fall then get rid of it

    That's 15 months of not using it

    It's not seasonal

    Kid's toys

    I'm a terrible person

    Many bags of toys have been donated via our attic


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  6. Episode 046 — Everything Has a Price | Exponent

    In this week’s episode, Ben and James discuss ad-blockers, both personal ones and the rumored carrier-implemented one, as well as Internet.org and the moral quandary that is the Internet.


    Ben Thompson: Carriers to Implement Ad-Blocking — Stratechery Daily Update (members-only)

    Laura McGann: How Ars Technica’s “experiment” with ad-blocking readers built on its community’s affection for the site — Nieman Lab

    Ben Thompson: Open Source Apps — Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: The Changing — and Unchanging — Structure of TV — Stratechery


    Ben Thompson, @benthompson, Stratechery

    James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review

    Podcast Information






    Stratechery Forum


    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download


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