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  1. Mark Lewisohn - The Complete 2020 Let It Be Beatles Interview Podcast

    It's finally here, the complete podcast of our most recent interview with world renowned Beatles expert and highly respected author Mark Lewisohn. Originally issued as a six part series, heard weekly from March through April 2020, the entire interview is now here in one spot.

    It's been completely remastered and assembled freshly for your listening pleasure.

    The interview was recorded in London by Greg Armstrong on 1 December 2019. Being the festive season we ended with a little Christmas cheer, which is a hell of a lot nicer than the situation the world is currently experiencing this year.

    Our sincere thanks again to Mark Lewisohn and to all of our listeners who've stopped by. Enjoy!

    Let It Be Beatles radio shows are available as downloadable mp3 podcasts. After 27 years we've got over 1,300 shows (and growing) available. Help yourself, they're free: www.letitbebeatles.blogspot.com

    You can also follow us on Facebook for weekly radio show updates: www.facebook.com/LIBBeatles

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/user-86154098/mark-lewisohn-the-complete-2020-let-it-be-beatles-interview-podcast
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