Technical Difficulties - 064 - Finding Your Way

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  1. SpoolCast: Web App Navigation Q&A Follow-up

    " Here’s the list of the questions we discussed,

    * How do you conduct your user research?
    * How do you measure user confidence in the navigation?
    * What are your thoughts on activating menus with a click versus “on hover”?
    * What is your opinion on breadcrumbs? What about advanced breadcrumbs, like on
    * How do you scale navigation for larger web apps or sites (circa 40,000 pages)?
    * What are your thoughts on user segmentation, and navigation based on that (for example, UT’s Be A Longhorn)?
    * At what point during the project do you design the global navigation?
    * Are there different considerations when you’re educating users about a new process or activity?

    " From

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  2. the rc #149: Cameras, mounts and more | fxguide

    the rc #149: Cameras, mounts and more



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    Mike and Jason talk ARRI SXT, connectors, mounts, RED’s WEAPON upgrade, SmallHD monitors, RevarCine filters and all the latest camera gear and tech.

    If you’d like to read the show notes for this rc, please download the show notes.

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  3. Roger Shepherd: the story of Flying Nun | Sunday Morning, 11:04 am on 12 June 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Flying Nun plays a central role in the cultural fabric of the NZ history - so much so that it’s hard to talk about NZ music and not mention Flying Nun bands - such has been its impact. Founder Roger Shepherd joins Wallace to talk about how he started the iconic label with just $300 - plus we’ll play some Flying Nun favourites.

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  4. On Point: Flying Lotus

    Say “Flying Lotus” in Los Angeles and you’re already halfway to hipness. Say FlyLo, and you’re closer still. FlyLo, Flying Lotus, the artist formerly known as Steven Ellison, is a music producer, DJ, and electronic composer of the hippest, highest order right now.

    His latest music, he says, “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies.” A descent through the time ether that never loses the beat.

    This hour, On Point: the music and the man of the moment, Flying Lotus.

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  5. The-Politics-of-Navigation

    For years,’s global navigation existed in a relatively stable equilibrium. It balanced the need to sell products and services, provide access to educational content, and inform visitors about unique aspects of the company. But a recent agency-led redesign threatened to disrupt this stability. Suddenly, a whole host of assumptions around the proper role of site-wide navigation were exposed. As REI’s in-house IA, I had a front row seat to watch merchants, marketers, designers, and business managers wrangle over their competing expectations of REI’s global nav. My job was to influence opinion and try to restore a healthy balance in the navigation while still supporting a new design direction for the site.

    This talk will be a case study of the unexpected political struggles that were revealed during the design process. I’ll attempt to fairly portray the full range of perspectives on global navigation, from customers to business owners, from agency designers to in-house designers, from accepted practice to emerging trends. I’ll talk as candidly as I can about the discussions that took place throughout the redesign process, and where we landed on some fundamental questions about navigation: Who should we design for? Who should care about the global nav? And, particularly, what is IA’s role in the creative process? In short, when politics enter the design studio, who wins?

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